Reasons To Install Retractable Terrace Awnings

Reasons To Install Retractable Terrace Awnings

Summer is most definitely here once again and so too is the desire in almost all of us to enjoy al fresco dining in our own back gardens with friends and family during this season. The Great British Summer is renowned the world over for its famously inclement and often unpredictable weather so it is prudent to be prepared.

Enter retractable terrace awnings, the truly flexible outdoor shading solution for both the residential and the commercial setting.

So just what are the reasons you should consider when thinking about installing retractable terrace awnings? Let your local blinds industry expert – Blind Technique, walk you through each one in this week’s blog.

Blind Technique – our top 12 reasons to install retractable terrace awnings

  1. Optimise outdoor space during the favourable weather usually synonymous with the summer months
  2. Benefit from effective wind and sun protection for you and your family as you dine al fresco
  3. Increase privacy at home during such social gatherings so everyone can truly relax
  4. Product durability – retractable terrace awnings are available in a wide range of fabrics all of which are offered fully protected and waterproof
  5. Solar gain and heat glare control to ensure your outdoor dining experience (especially if your garden is south facing) is a comfortable one for all your friends and family
  6. For effortless operation – retractable terrace awnings can be operated manually or you can choose the motorised option which could with quiet and reliable remote control
  7. The attention to detail applied at Blind Technique – our retractable terrace awning components are thoroughly tested, gaining both CE and TÜV approval. This quality standard, every step of the way means that our retractable terrace awnings offer a long service life to our customers – even during periods of extreme weather conditions. Trust us, trust the product and trust the expert installation
  8. The additional features on offer – all our retractable terrace awnings models can be equipped with wireless Sun and Wind sensors, LED lighting and remote controlled Tungsten Patio Heaters. At Blind Technique we hope that we have really thought of everything you could possibly need from your potential purchase of retractable terrace awnings
  9. Temperature control from the shading provided by a retractable terrace awning means that not only are you cooled but the surface temperature of your deck or patio is too – a lot less uncomfortable to walk across the space in your bare feet!
  10. Protection against sun faded furniture if your retractable terrace awnings are fully open in hot sunlight, situated above large patio doors or a set of bifold doors, for example
  11. A beautiful, impactful, personal design statement naturally adding to the enjoyment of your home
  12. Retractable terrace awnings are easy care. They don’t require maintenance as such but it is crucial that they are operated correctly every use. They need to be retracted only when dry and they are not to be left open during heavy rains or when experiencing strong winds.

Blind Technique also offer umbrellas and canopies in addition to retractable terrace awnings

Umbrellas – a versatile shading solution for both patios at home or pub gardens on the high street. Size-wise our umbrellas start at 3m(10 ft) width with up to a giant 10m (33ft) width available. There is a size to fit any space. We can flex on shape too with square, rectangular, octagonal (8 sided) and dodecagon (12 sided) possible to achieve.

Canopies – select a free-standing shading solution which is highly portable and can be sign-written with your bespoke advertising. A great choice for commercial applications such as pop-up venues. Canopies are available up to 6m width and 1.5m projection. You could also opt for colour co-ordinated hardware to any RAL colour.

For all your retractable terrace awnings needs – it can only be Blind Technique