What Are Awnings and Are They Right for My Home?

What Are Awnings and Are They Right for My Home?

It’s July and so for many of us it is the welcome start of barbecue season at home in our gardens, sharing the glorious summer weather over good food with our family and friends. So, have you considered your outside space? Do you have (and maintain) a comfortable, shaded dining area on your patio or deck where everyone can relax during these precious social occasions? Have you considered investing in an awning? Just what are awnings?

When thinking about what are awnings – have you seen them in operation at other properties when visiting and ever wondered just what are awnings and are they right for my home? Let’s answer this question in this week’s blog from your local blinds industry expert – Blind Technique.

What are awnings?

  • An awning is a form of blind – it is a substantial covering usually made from treated canvas or fabric.
  • So what are awnings – an awning acts as an external shading solution.
  • It is installed at height into a building for secure, everyday use.
  • It tends to shade social spaces so is very popular in both residential and commercial settings.
  • During hot weather, an awning acting as external shading which is known to be more effective than internal shading as The BBSA confirms :”…it reduces the solar gain entering the building and reduces internal temperatures.”

Awnings – are they right for my home?

When considering the purchase of an awning it may be prudent to ask yourself a set of initial questions to help you decide. What are awnings to you, for example.

  1. Do you use your outdoor seating frequently during the warmer weather?

So, what are awnings? If you and your family and friends enjoy outdoor dining/dining al fresco on a regular basis during the summer months then it could make perfect sense to ensure the space you use is shaded and so comfortably helps you enjoy a relaxed social experience on every occasion.

  1. Would your residence/commercial premises support the brackets used to anchor the awning into place?

So what are awnings in detail – an awning is a substantial covering where the shade itself is made from treated canvas or fabric, operated via the stainless steel retractable mechanism which needs to be secured. The installations team at Blind Technique can and do expertly navigate most sites, residential and commercial, by the use of bespoke spreader brackets or gutter brackets which bear the structural weight safely.

  1. Would you be mindful of the correct operation and aftercare of your awning once installed?

So what are awnings – awnings are a durable and long lasting solar shading and privacy providing solution enabling you to enjoy your outdoor space so much more during the best weather of the year. They do not require maintenance as such but it is crucial that they are operated correctly every use; so they are retracted only when dry and they are not left open during heavy rains or strong winds.

  1. Are you looking to keep your home or office cool in the warmer weather?

Manage the risks of overheating within your home or office with the installation of an external retractable awning. So, what are awnings? They are a highly efficient product when you need to control solar and heat glare, whether you are relaxing at home or working in your home office during the summer. An external retractable awning is incredibly effective if your home or office is south facing, in particular.

The BBSA offer more insights below in relation to overheating risk within the home:

  1. Did you know that 20% of UK homes overheat?
  2. Did you know that people in the UK spend 90% of their time indoors?
  3. Did you know that the recommended operative temperature for living rooms and bedrooms is 23°-25° in summer and 17°-19° in winter.

(Statistics Source for a & b: BBSA and National Energy Foundation Solar Shading Impact Report).

(Statistics Source for c: CIBSE Guide A (2015), ASHRAE Standard 55 and BS EN 1525:2007 (BSI,2008)

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