Minimalist Dressing Room Decor Ideas

When it comes to your dressing room – or that corner of your bedroom where you get dressed – you’re immediately faced with a conundrum. You need to know how you look in natural light. And yet, as you try on a variety of outfits, privacy is paramount.

Ideally, there’ll be no windows in your minimalist dressing room, just a skylight above you flooding you with light so you can … dodge drones? So, here’s how to have a minimalist dressing room – with a focus on how to have light and privacy.

How to ensure privacy and light for your minimalist dressing room

The best way to get plentiful light into your minimalist dressing room and still ensure your privacy is to have frosted glass or a window film that provides that effect. Without the need for any other window dressing, this will be perfect for a minimalist dressing room design. Sorted!

Or do you feel a bit vulnerable just having the illusion of frost or one wispy piece of voile curtain between you and the rest of the world while you’re dressing? The best way to dress your window for your minimalist dressing room/space would be any slat or louvre-based window dressing. Vertical blinds, Venetian blinds and shutters will allow you to maximise both privacy and light as you tilt the louvres or slats to exactly where you want them. You can also have Venetian blinds in a Perfect Fit frame, and shutters in the style of a Perfect Fit frame. By clipping directly onto your uPVC frames, Perfect Fit blinds take up less room, neatly fitting into your minimalist dressing room decor.

While faux wood Venetian blinds will bring warmth and charm to your bedroom, you might prefer a softer and dressier version for your sanctuary. Duo Vision blinds have one sheer fabric and one opaque. They slide past each other to create the same effect as a Day and Night blind. They work similarly to roller blinds so will be a sleek addition to your minimalist dressing room/space.

The benefits of a minimalist dressing room

The benefits of a minimalist dressing room are both practical and psychological.

On the practical side, a minimalist dressing room is cheaper to decorate. Neutral paints will warm up your plain walls while simultaneously showcasing your streamlined capsule wardrobe. It will also be easier to keep clean, and therefore encourage you to maintain your clothes with more care, helping them last longer. A clean and clear area will allow you to get the full scope of your wardrobe, making it easier to put outfits together to fulfill your sartorial brief.

The benefits of a minimalist wardrobe to go in your minimalist dressing room

We all have clothes we haven’t even seen, let alone worn, for years. By clearing out your wardrobe you’ll be freeing up space and your mind. No more struggling with what to wear. Instead, you’ll have already established your style and know what you look good in. Probably because you’ll be wearing the right size! It’s just a number! It’s not a comment on your worth as a human being! If you feel comfortable and wear the right size for you, you’ll look and feel good. Know your style. There’s no need to overthink it. Do you prefer neutrals or colours? Is there a time period that appeals to you?  Wear what you like, and be yourself.

We habitually wear the same few items, so if you haven’t worn anything for more than a year, out it goes – to a charity shop, or via an app to someone who can enjoy your pre-loved items. One excellent reason to embrace a minimalist wardrobe is that by knowing your style and knowing what to wear, you’ll no longer be contributing disposable fashion to landfills. Instead, you’ll be focused on quality pieces that you will take care of for longer.

A minimalist dressing room is for maximalists too

It’s because you have so many clothes and accessories that you need a minimalist dressing room so there’s room for everything, and everything in its place. With so much to choose from, you’ll want to keep things orderly so you know what you have and can find it at a moment’s notice. With everything stored neatly, you’ll have the clear space to put individual outfits together without getting into a jumble.

And who’s to say that you can’t be a maximalist with a capsule wardrobe? Of course you can. A minimalist dressing room suits everybody.