How to Sleep Better in The Summer Months

how to sleep better in the summer

The early morning summer light can make you feel like you are rising earlier and earlier in the mornings this season – but don’t despair, help is at hand. You need to combat light and temperature in order to discover how to sleep better in the summer – so here are some ideas to show you how.

Keep a consistent sleep routine – weekdays and at weekends

Retire to bed and rise at the same times – don’t be tempted to have a long lie-in on the weekends as this can play havoc with your circadian rhythm; governing how long we are awake and when we feel sleepy. Rather, keep to the same routine of times you use during the week so that your mind and body become accustomed to regular, quality sleep. Schedule a ‘wind down’ hour before bed – take a shower/bath, read and turn off all your electronic devices to help you adjust to how to sleep better in the summer.

Ensure your bedroom is suitably darkened before you retire to bed

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Change out your autumn/winter custom blinds for your spring/summer selections

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Maintain a consistent temperature within the bedroom

If you live in a quieter neighbourhood you may be able to open your windows at night and not be disturbed by ambient noise outside. If not, you may like to invest in a fan or even air conditioning for your bedroom. Also consider your bedding – pick breathable fabrics like cotton and remember to swop your winter duvet for your summer one. With your bedding choices comes a timely reminder to consider your sleepwear – again, breathable cotton fabrics are key to regulating your body temperature at night.

Prepare your nightstand – key to how to sleep better in the summer

Keep an ice-cold glass of water handy – preferably bring a jug or water bottle filled with ice to bed and place it on your nightstand.

Your diet can help you learn how to sleep better in the summer

Remember to resist all stimulants at least a couple of hours before bed – such as coffee or caffeinated soft drinks. Alcohol can dehydrate you making you wake up thirsty (see ‘prepare your nightstand’ tip) – so try fruit teas instead such as Chamomile. Foods which promote sleep include turkey, white rice, bananas and porridge oats.

Discovering just how to sleep better in the summer can be a case of trial and error, but these top tips will get you started.

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