Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters, also commonly known as wooden shutters or window shutters, are a very popular internal window product that has been available in the UK for many years now. Blind Technique is a specialist stockist and installer of S-Craft wooden plantation shutters and Luxaflex® faux wood window shutters and vinyl shutters. Shutters for windows are an iconic design feature at the pinnacle of todays' contemporary style. Our comprehensive shutter range is the largest in the UK offering an unrivalled selection of plantation shutter wood types, louvre sizes, colours, frames and tracking systems. A tailored set of plantation shutters will blend into your architecture, highlight your windows and provide the versatility to invite the light in, to suit your mood, or block it out when privacy is required. We offer three different ranges to choose from...

Full Height Shutters

S-Craft Window Shutters

Leading supplier of plantation shutters in the UK. 6 different woods to choose from as well as the full range of configurations, louvre sizes, paint colours, stains and everything else you would expect from the premier shutters brand. Find out more about S-Craft plantation shutters...

See the features and benefits of these Aluminium Security plantation Shutters

New! - Aluminium Plantation Security Shutters

See all of the features and benefits of these aluminium security shutters that look the same as the wooden ones, click to find out more

UK manufactured Wooden Window Shutters

UK Manufactured shutters

These faux wood shutters are the latest addition to our range brought to market by designer brand Luxaflex®. Much faster lead times, a 10 year guarantee and British made are just a few of the advantages that are making these plantation shutters so popular. Check the other advantages of these window shutters here...

Vinyl Shutters from Luxaflex

vinyl Shutters

These shutters are extremely light weight and also have a much faster lead time than wooden window shutters. They are perfect for steamy environments such as bathrooms and come with an amazing 25 year guarantee. Click here for more information on vinyl window shutters...

Interior Window Shutters The advantages

  • Wooden shutters plus faux wood and vinyl - something for every budget
  • Bespoke manufacture - made to survey for your windows
  • Compliment your décor and add value to your home
  • Look equally good from the outside - unlike curtain linings!
  • Customised colours and unusual shapes are all possible
  • Versatile light control - easy to use, easy to clean
  • Extremely fashionable today yet timeless in design
  • Inherently child friendly - find out more...

Interior WINDOW Shutters Modern & Fashionable

Shutters provide privacy, style and light control giving you a versatile, fashionable and attractive solution. When you have decided which type range of shutters you would like, the options and possibilities don't stop there. As each plantation shutter is designed and crafted uniquely for your window, door or partition... we will be on hand to help and explain the different shutter styles available as well as some of the other options you will need to consider.

Interested in shutters? What to do next...

Firstly decide if you would like wooden S-Craft Plantation Shutters, Luxaflex Faux-Wood Shutters or Vinyl Shutters and also consider the different possible styles of shutter that we offer, perhaps you have an idea of what you would like already or perhaps you would like us to explain the various options and the advantages of each range. If you would like an immediate rough quotation then we are often able to give this if you let us know which type of wooden shutters you would like and the size(s) of your window. Find out more about measuring your windows here.

Of course you can always visit our blinds showroom in Eastcote, London where we have a full bay of shutters on display as well as all the various options and colours for you to look at. If you live further away, call us first on 0800 678 3733 to find out more..... or if you have already decided that plantation shutters are for you please contact us to arrange an appointment where we will be happy to visit you at home at a time that is convenient.

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frequently asked questions

  • How much do plantation shutters cost?
  • All of our window shutters are priced by the square metre with the majority of the configuration options all included at no extra cost. Therefore, once you know which material you would like your shutters made from we are able to give you a quotation straight away from the sizes you provide. For larger jobs, this price is fully inclusive of survey, manufacture and installation.
  • Are plantation shutters expensive?
  • When you compare window shutters to basic types of window blind such as a roller blind or vertical blind then yes in comparison shutters are more expensive. They are however excellent value for money, will last for years, and add value to a property.
  • Can I get an idea of the price of plantation shutters?
  • Yes. You need to provide the sizes (width and drop) of the windows you would like shutters for and then we can e-mail you a quotation. Also let us know the type of shutters you want, S-Craft - and which wood, Faux wood or Vinyl. We will also happily prepare multiple quotations for different woods for you to compare.
  • Can I fit window shutters myself?
  • In theory yes, though we would always recommend having them professionally surveyed and installed.
  • What is the lead time for plantation shutters?
  • The lead time for wooden shutters is always between 10 and 12 weeks due mainly to shipping, and this can sometimes be longer. There is an option for air freight though this works out very expensive. Alternatively you can choose UK manufactured faux wood shutters that are typically available in only 3 weeks!
  • How long does it take to install shutters?
  • This is variable depending on the size of the shutters and the window. As the shutters need to be perfectly square, and many windows are not, this can add time to the installation. For a simple rectangular average small window approximately an hour. For a bay window 3-4 hours. These are a very rough guideline as every job is unique.