Eclipse Fabrics

Given the huge variation in personal taste amongst our customers and the need to probably colour match a fabric that is perfect, Blind Technique are pleased to offer a 3rd range of fabrics from which you can choose your roof and window blinds. This company supplies the UK blind industry and is very well established at it's base near Glasgow, Scotland. They have an in house design and development team that are constantly providing new and improved products and also a high-tech fabric processing plant where the fabric is coated by an experienced and skilled workforce. Having worked together for many years, we are confident in recommending these fabrics to any of our customers.

Fabric Properties

The entire range of fabrics, which totals over 90 choices, is split into 3 shading categories, Standard shading, Dim-Out, and Black-Out. As their names suggest these fabrics have varying solar properties providing different levels of solar and heat control and hence energy saving. Each fabric in the range is individually labelled in the pattern books for you to inspect the exact properties, the information provided includes; able to clean with a damp sponge, suitable for moist conditions, reflective coating, fire retardant, suitable for computer environments, and the measure of lightfastness.

Fabric Ranges

The entry level is called Novoshade and has a selection of different colours to choose from, you can also have this range in ASC - Active Solar Control - which provides light and heat control. ASC is a pearlised coating on the reverse of the fabric which improves the solar properties, reducing heat build up in the warmer months and helping save energy when it is cold outside. There is a transparent and a semi-transparent range that will give style and design without compromising light, this is not suitable for conservatories with a temperature issue. Then there are also Jacquards, an imitation crush and a real crush, and a cellular option for the best solar properties with no visible holes.

When choosing which fabric is most appropriate for you, we are available to help you and give you advice based on years of experience. You can either visit our showroom in London or arrange an appointment when we will be happy to visit you in your home and show you samples, give you advice, and work towards the perfect solution for your conservatory blinds. All of our sales advisors carry with them all the fabric swatches and samples so that you can look at them in situ and decide which is best for you. They also have an iPad with our bespoke software that means with can prepare an acurate and easy to read quotation there and then, showing you on the screen and even e-mailing it to you directly.

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