How to Clean your Blinds

Cleaning Wooden Venetian Blinds

Use a damp cloth or duster to wipe the slats from the centre outwards. Blind Technique recommend and sell Ostrich feather dusters which are known to be the best feather dusters in the world. They have naturally occuring electrostatic properties which are perfect for removing dust, easily and effectively. Why not purchase one of our Ostrich feather dusters to help you? Contact us now on 0800 678 3733

Cleaning Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Can be placed into a bath or similar with some warm soapy water, taking care at all times to ensure that you don't bend or kink any of the slats. Slosh the water gently from side to side and allow to soak. Remove the blind and carefully wipe the slats clean with a soft cloth - note: it may be easier to wipe the slats dry after you have re-hung the blind, placing a towel on the window seal to catch the drips. Hang the blind to finish drying the cords. There are some companies that will professionally clean your blinds for you, though this can be quite an expensive and specialised task. If you were already thinking of having a change, then venetian blinds can be very good value, click here to see more of the ranges we offer.

Cleaning Roman Blinds

Most roman blind fabrics can be removed for cleaning. Normally they are dry clean or hand-wash only however some are machine washable. Check the label first. Top tip: Take note how you dismantle the blind so that you remember how to rebuild after cleaning. Many suppliers use something as simple as vecro to secure the fabric onto the headrail.

Cleaning Roller Blinds

Most roller blind fabrics can be easily wiped clean with warm water and a soft hand wash detergent. Roller Blind fabrics are usually treated to stop fraying at the edges which adds a certain stiffness to the fabric and means that most are not machine washable. Check the label first if there is one. Top tip: Most Roller blinds can be easily uncliped from their brackets so that you lie them flat for cleaning. Blind Technique recommend this so as not to damage or crease the fabric.

Cleaning Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are generally quite easy to keep clean, at least from dust accumulation. The handy thing about vertical blinds is that each of the louvres are individual and can be taken down separately for either cleaning or replacement. Blind Technique are able to replace individual louvres for customer providing the fabric is still in production. Alternatively you can replace all the louvres and keep the blind hardware (the headrail and mechanism) for a lower cost option. In terms of cleaning the fabric once taken down, follow the instructions as given for roller blinds.

Cleaning Fabric Blinds

Most blinds can be cleaned simply with warm water and a cloth, making the water a bit soapy with a small amount of washing up liquid can help. This is not always the case and care must be taken. Checking any labels or cleaning instructions beforehand is strongly recommended, some fabrics mat be dry clean only, or display adverse effects when wet such as colour running or shrinking.

Cleaning Conservatory Roof Blinds

One of the main problems can be trapped insects inbetweemn your roof blinds and the glazing panels. Insects can be removed by firstly opening the blind next to the one you are cleaning, then tap the face side of the blind you are cleaning as this will move the insects to one side. You can then lightly brush the insect off of the blind with a duster or soft brush. If you decide to vacuum proceed with care and not too much suction as you can end up breaking and/or creasing the fabric. Never use chemicals to clean your blinds just warm soapy water.

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