Types of Blinds: What are INTU Blinds?

what are INTU blinds

Finding out just what are INTU blinds could provide you with the ideal window dressing solution you have been diligently searching for –  if you are dressing a home ready for sale, moving home, if the rooms in your home are constantly occupied or even if you are simply redecorating on a tight deadline (when preparing for guests).  You don’t just choose custom blinds when you choose INTU blinds but rather an instant and effortless transformation to the home décor of the room you seek to dress; which can be achieved in a matter of seconds. Read on to find out all the details you need.


Blind Technique’s guide to just what are INTU blinds?

Question: So, what are INTU blinds exactly?

Answer: INTU blinds are renowned for the fact that they are installed via an innovative no-drill, no-screw blind system. With INTU blinds you do not fit into the recess or outside recess but instead size to the exact fit of your window pane since the installation is delivered using a clever tension system instead. The INTU no-drill system fits into the window beading which is an integral part of most modern UPVC windows and glazed doors within the home – your home, to be exact. They can be fitted and removed with ease and within a moment, the perfect custom blinds for ease of cleaning and maintenance.


Question: Can you tell me more about just what are INTU blinds?

Answer: They are adaptable, child safe, versatile, easy to operate and designed with both effectiveness and efficiency in mind. For example, the flush design means that the INTU blind once fitted, does not rattle against the glass. The INTU blind works with your window and door handles so you can open and close them with ease as you open and close the INTU blind itself – by hand. You can choose from INTU Pleated Blinds, INTU Cellular Blinds, INTU Venetian Blinds and INTU Roller Blinds – all with a comprehensive colour palette and styles to choose from plus a range of size options too to ensure we deliver that all-important perfect fit; each and every time.


Question: Knowing just what are INTU blinds – how would they work for me?

Answer: INTU blinds, just like the other custom blinds we offer at Blind Technique, provide you with sunlight control, improve your privacy and offer insulation once installed. For example, with INTU cellular blinds for the conservatory, this unique design traps air within its “honeycomb cell” to keep the room warm in winter and cool in the summer time. This design also adds to the ambience of this room by creating a diffused, soft light so as to create a relaxing and calm environment to further enhance the use of this considerable social space within the home and for all the family.


How can Blind Technique help you find out what are INTU blinds?

  • Blind Technique are your local custom blinds industry expert with over 35 years’ experience in our profession, our craft and our knowledge of INTU blinds plus all the other bespoke manufacture window dressings we make and/or select to offer to you, our valued customers.
  • Here at our Eastcote Showroom, Workshop and Office location we can show you no-drill INTU blinds in operation and on display for you to view and for us to demonstrate to you, so you can find out more.
  • If you would like us to visit you at home we would be delighted to arrange a Surveying Home Appointment with one of our friendly and professional sales advisors. Within the home, a member of our expert team could view your windows through your eyes to see quite clearly if INTU blinds could provide you with the ideal custom blinds you are looking to purchase and install at this time.


Now you know the answer in detail to the question – just what are INTU blinds?

With this handy guide we hope we have helped you decide if they are the right custom blinds for your home.

Refresh your window dressings at home in an instant, in style and very effectively with INTU blinds from Blind Technique.


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