Spotlight Series – Intu Blinds

Welcome to penultimate product spotlight piece to be published here on our blog!

If you need a fuss-free window dressings solution which can update your home décor instantly, why not consider INTU Blinds which we offer at Blind Technique?

INTU Blinds are fitted as a no-drill and no-screw solution and function via an innovative tension system to fit into the window beading present in most modern UPVC windows and glazed doors. INTU Blinds offer considerable versatility too as they can be fitted to most turn and tilt windows and glazed doors thanks to the in-built flush design. This means the blind, once installed, does not rattle against the glass. Window and door handles are easily accessible at all times, whether the blinds are open or closed and any gaps which could let unwanted light in are minimised. They are a popular choice for family homes and children’s bedrooms as there are no hanging cords used in their operation as instead, they can be open or closed by hand.


We have a range of INTU Blinds options for you to consider:

INTU Pleated Blinds – 20mm pleats in a range of colours including the blackout fabric option

INTU Cellular Blinds – Honeycomb cells are great for insulation

INTU Venetian Blinds – 16mm or 25mm slats available in a huge variety of colour choices

INTU Roller Blinds – Latest addition to the range, offering plain, print and blackout fabrics


Did you know we can offer INTU Blinds which can give you

  1. Protection on your windows warranty with the innovative no-drill installation
  2. A child safe window dressings solution without the use of looped/hanging cords
  3. Clutter free window seals
  4. Considerable control of sunlight, enhanced privacy and improved room insulation


Our INTU Blinds mean that you can experience

  1. An instant update to the window dressings in your chosen room at home
  2. A versatile custom blinds choice in terms of both form and functionality
  3. An easy to clean and maintain product – here is more information on cleaning blinds
  4. A seamless finish to your UPVC window or glazed door


INTU Blinds offering a stylish no-drill solution for your kitchen window dressings

INTU Blinds offering a stylish no-drill solution for your kitchen window dressings



1. Are INTU Blinds a good choice for Conservatories?

The great advantage with INTU Blinds is that you can set them to the exact position you need to manage shade levels from direct sunlight whilst allowing the light into the room. INTU Blinds can be installed and removed in seconds so are easy to clean too, perfect for conservatories and an extremely popular choice with our customers.

2. How do the INTU Pleated and Cellular Blinds options work?

The INTU cellular and pleated options offer a flexible, multi-zone method of operation. These blinds have two moveable headrails – one at the top and one at the bottom – so you can open the blinds from both ends. INTU Cellular Blinds offer a unique design feature within the ‘honeycomb cell’ which traps air to regulate the temperature in both the summer and winter seasons. They also create a diffused soft light which helps to create a relaxing and calm environment.

3. Do you offer installation for INTU Blinds?

Yes, we do. The Blind Technique Installation Team are fully trained and experts in the fitting of this custom blind. Why not contact us today to find out more?

4. What is the difference between Perfect-Fit and INTU Blinds, which one should I choose?

All the information you need is in our blog post from a few years ago which you can access here