Room Inspiration: The Best Blinds for Offices

Best Blinds for Offices

Genuinely enjoy every day at the office, whether at work or at home, with the best custom blinds to support your light and privacy needs, from Blind Technique. When thinking about the best blinds for offices, you may prefer choices which are easy to use and adjust, durable, easy to clean, plus offer an elegant stylistic note to the interior design of your own professional space.

Create a welcoming and purposeful office environment minimising both distraction and interruption levels so you concentrate with ease. The best blinds for offices can go a long way in helping us all achieve such aspirational work-life goals today and into the future.

Why do you need to select the best blinds for offices?

  • Privacy. The golden rule. The world of work often means we work on private or commercially sensitive information so the best blinds for offices can give you that peace of mind you need to be able to view your screen at any time.
  • Security. Drawing your office blinds at the close of the working day can offer you a security benefit when your work space is vacant.
  • Sunlight. Not just solar glare but solar heat gain from direct sunlight can prove difficult to manage when trying to prevent computers overheating so choosing the best blinds for offices, can help.
  • Energy saving. If you are purchasing the best blinds for offices from the company budget, consider the energy saving potential of certain blinds to reduce heating and air conditioning costs, too.

Welcome Roller Blinds on their first day as the best blinds for offices

Roller Blinds – during a busy day you need a simple to use custom blind which you just operate and then return to your work. A Roller Blind serves this very understated purpose in the office. Roller Blinds offer years of trouble-free service as the ultimate functional blind. The large panel area of the blind acts as ideal host for a range of patterns and designs with technically advanced fabric choices available.

Vertical Blinds offer a practical choice of new colleague as the best blinds for offices

Vertical Blinds – are about the louvres; enabling you to filter the light entering your office – from total privacy to a rotation capability of 180° in order to deflect sun rays at any time of the day. Enjoy greater operational flexibility by making your vertical blinds open to the right, left or split to open on both sides – like your curtains would.

Venetian Blinds as your classic star employee – often seen as the best blinds for offices

Venetian Blinds – available in both aluminium and wooden options. Almost 100 different colours and finishes are available as a potential fit for your office. The horizonal slats in a Venetian Blind are offered in four different widths, plus each one is specially treated to prevent UV-light degradation. Venetian Blinds are a durable and hard-wearing choice for the office.

Both Venetian Blinds and Vertical Blinds can be angled and tilted with ease to create private working or meeting rooms for internal partitions. Control lux levels to improve your screen vision when working or presenting by the windows with them, too.

Blind Technique’s approach to the best blinds for offices

  • We are VAT registered.
  • For larger offices and jobs, we can negotiate a free of charge fitting service.
  • We are competitive on cost, efficient in production and offer quality office window blinds as standard.
  • We have a wide variety of window blinds fabrics – some of which confirm to specialist needs like being fire retardant or MRSA resistant.
  • We can talk motorisation options too – flexing to offer a single motorised window blind for your home office to a fully integrated facilities managed shading system in collaboration with Somfy motors for your entire commercial office space.

Blind Technique have considerable expertise when we fit the best blinds for offices. From custom blinds fitted in smaller individual rooms to installing multiple custom blinds in large company buildings across many office spaces on varying floors. We appreciate your office is your workplace so we are sensitive to your needs when it comes to confirming flexible installation schedules, minimising associated noise or disruption.