Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas You’ll Love

The bedroom is the perfect place for minimalist decor. You don’t need distractions when you’re trying to sleep. But if your idea of minimalism is spartan and empty, you may be wondering where the sense of cosiness comes from.

The key to minimalism is to have ‘just enough’. While it’s easy to interpret that as the bare essentials, you still need beauty and comfort in your life. How else will you get a good night’s sleep?

Minimalist Bedroom Decor and colour

If you were introduced to minimalism by that episode of Ab Fab where Miranda Richardson plays the minimalist Bettina and she turns Eddie’s kitchen into a white box, you’ll be relieved to learn that you don’t have to have a white room with nothing in it for your minimalist bedroom decor. Of course you can have colour, and it doesn’t even have to be just neutrals.

Having one colour as part of your minimalist bedroom decor will create an environment of calmness and serenity. One colour may sound limiting, but you can, and should, work with the different tones and shades of that colour. ‘Hue’ refers to the pure colour of the primary and secondary colours – red, yellow, blue, green, purple and orange. It’s almost Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain only minus the indigo. That’s because indigo is a shade. A shade is a colour that has black added to it, so indigo is a darker shade of blue. A tint is a colour that has white added to it, such as sky blue. And a tone is a colour with grey added to it. Whichever colour you choose, you’ll find much variety.

If you choose neutrals for your minimalist bedroom decor, they all go nicely together so you can have more than one colour that way, and they naturally lend themselves to a peace-inducing environment.

Storage is a major consideration for any room, not just one with a minimalist design. Built-in storage is the most efficient use of space. By having your storage the same colour as your walls, they’ll merge together, enhancing your minimalist bedroom decor.

Minimalist bedroom decor and texture and patterns

Texture will add character by adding a visual element. For minimalist bedroom decor, look to natural materials such as wood. Exposed brickwork or stone will work perfectly with one bold colour choice or neutrals. You can also be creative with your wall coverings, such as a suede, woven grass or cork wall covering for a touch of opulence and character. Limewash paint, with its use of natural pigments, is another way to bring a beautiful natural finish to your minimalist bedroom decor.

Minimalist bedroom decor and furnishings

Furnishings are an excellent opportunity to bring beauty to your functional items. The bed itself, whether it’s a chunky bedstead or a four-poster, will bring much to admire. A womb or butterfly chair, with their sculptural design, will also add interest.

Another way to entertain the eye is through the lighting. Wall or ceiling lights free up the floor space for your minimalist bedroom decor as well as create the right ambience for you to relax.

Minimalist Bedroom Decor and accessories

Rugs and cushions will bring comfort, and they’ll also bring some layering and therefore character to your minimalist bedroom decor.

When it comes to your window dressings, you’ll want something that suits your design and also blocks out the light. If you have a large window in your bedroom, floor-to-ceiling curtains will add warmth, cosiness and volume to your room. Be careful if you’re looking for a complete blackout effect. No one window dressing can accomplish all you need. A roller blind made from blackout fabric may give privacy, but light can still bleed around the edges. A roller blind can be fully cassetted, with side channels and a rounded pelmet, and won’t intrude on your minimalist bedroom decor.

Perfect Fit blinds are as neat as a pin. Snapping directly onto the uPVC window frame, they’ll take up little room in your minimalist bedroom decor. And Day & Night cellular blinds will keep the heat in during winter and the sun’s hot rays and glare away in summer. Operated by a tab, they are the epitome of simplicity. They give so much and take up little room – the epitome of minimalist design.

You might be surprised that there is so much to minimalism. Enjoy the calmness … and relax.