Is it Time to Change Your Blinds?

Is It Time To Change Your Blinds

Window dressings, as beautiful as they are, do not last forever. You may start to observe significant deterioration and discolouration (both fading and yellowing) of the blind material after approximately five years’ service. It is generally recommended that customers consider changing their blinds every six to eight years.  There are many factors which act as warning signs to let you know that it might just be time to change your blinds.

At Blind Technique, we encourage all our customers to take care of their custom blinds – both in terms of the fabric/material selected and the way they operate. Your blinds should always operate with ease, every time you seek to open or close them.

Weekly and Bi-Annual Cleaning Schedule – preventative care to preserve your custom blinds

All window dressings can accumulate dust which leads to discolouration over time. Why not read our latest blog on all the tips we share on Things to Consider When Cleaning Fabric Blinds? Schedule in a weekly dust or surface clean with very mild soapy water and then twice a year spend a morning taking your blinds down and really cleaning each and every component before you re-assemble it and re-install it.

Is it Time to Change Your Blinds – the visual cues?


Moisture, damp and humidity from kitchens and bathrooms can warp real wood or aluminium Venetian Blinds over time. Aluminium Venetian Blinds can suffer from dents and kinks due to too much pressure used when operating them. Did you know at Blind Technique that our specially designed composite equivalents (Wooden Venetian Blinds) are waterproof and easy to clean and maintain?

Frayed Fabrics or Holes in Fabrics

Roman Blinds with their luxurious soft looping fabric can fray over time and sun damage can lead to holes in the fabric. Roller Blinds, if not hung straight can gather crookedly on the roll leading to both a jamming mechanism and fraying fabric to the sides.

Snapped Chains

In order to avoid a snapped chain, for example with a Roller Blind, we always encourage our customers to operate them gently. Snapped chains can break the pulley system.

Broken Clips, Slats or Louvres

If blinds are regularly opened with excessive force then undue pressure is brought to bear on clips, slats and louvres, resulting in breakage.

Difficulty Opening and Closing

Slats on your Vertical Blinds and the louvres on your Venetian Blinds may not close completely flush to give you sufficient privacy, usually due to a fault with the control mechanism.


Is it Time to Change Your Blinds – the whys?

Sometimes your window dressings are still functional but they do not meet your current expectations when it comes to their performance. Technological advances in fabrics, components, construction, operation and motorisation are made all the time so your current choices may soon seem out of date.

There are some more pressing reasons why customers may think it is time to change their blinds.


Households with young families and pets especially, need to take extra care of the dangers of dangling cords or loose components to avoid tragedy. If you think your blinds are a safety hazard or have any concerns at all contact Blind Technique for the best professional advice. Check out our latest blog on Why are child safe roller blinds so important?

Your Needs Change

With a young family and busy working lives many of us need to preserve the sanctity of the bedtime routine with the latest dim-out fabrics. If you now work from home you may need custom blinds offering your home office more privacy. These lifestyle factors could show you that your current window dressings are no longer meeting your needs and require changing.

New Windows Installation

Welcoming a new set of windows may mean that your current window dressings no longer fit perfectly and are letting in much more light than you would like. Opening and closing the blind could be problematic or the fabric could rub  – again, signs that it may just be time to choose new custom blinds to fit your new windows on a made to measure basis.

If it is the right time to change your blinds, contact Blind Technique today.