Improve Your Rental Yields with These Property Updates

Improve Your Rental Yields with These Property Updates

Many of our customers are not just homeowners but they are also landlords too. The increasingly buoyant rental market here in the UK means you can see a credible return on investment as you improve your rental yields with property update suggestions just like these.

Make the house a home

Properties which have been well maintained are very attractive to renters. It could be as simple as updating the décor with fresh tiling in the bathroom or a new coat of paint in the kitchen. Daily life is so busy that professionals seek a clean and well-kept sanctuary to live in as they relax after the working day. If your property is appealing in this respect, potential tenants can already visualise themselves living here.

Think security

Tenants, especially single professionals, need to know their new rental property is secure. Re-visit all the locks to the property on doors and windows and inspect all the boundaries (including fencing and walls) on a regular basis – replacing items/materials as necessary.

Understand storage

The biggest challenge for tenants is where they place their possessions in a new rental property. Understand this dilemma by offering as many clever storage solutions as you can with under bed storage or inbuilt cupboards in previously wasted space within the property.

Create the Wow Factor

One way to update your property quickly and easily is to refresh your custom blinds. Make a focal point in the kitchen or the living room with a design statement of your choice which will also appeal to as many potential tenants as possible. Here at Blind Technique, we are on hand to offer expert professional advice and show you all the latest designs, styles and fabrics on offer here at our Office, Workshop and Showroom location in Eastcote.

Include a Home Office

After the last 3 years of the pandemic, so many of us still need to work from home on a regular basis. Thoughtfully incorporate a space within your property which can comfortably house a desk and chair with plenty of power points. Invest in the best internet connection speed you can, too. Privacy is also a factor with remote working so ensure your chosen custom blinds or even Plantation Shutters, offer your tenants the comfort and peace of mind they need to access work documents at home with ease.

Think Long Term with your Tenants

The best way to improve your rental yield is with long term tenants. If you find yourself with good tenants who pay their rent on time and take good care of your property, incentivise them to stay with prompt repairs and reliable communications. This way you avoid vacant periods which are costly as you seek to find new tenants. Think of ways to make your property more luxurious by upgrading the facilities during their tenancy and investing in outdoor space, for example.

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