How to Pick the Best Window Dressings

How to Pick the Best Window Dressings

If you are looking for tips on how to pick the best window dressings then you are surely looking to buy the perfect fabric, fit and finish. Surely the optimal way to achieve this level of perfection is with the investment purchase of custom blinds.

Read on to find out our take on how to pick the best window dressings, with this week’s blog from Blind Technique.

Know what you want from your best window dressings

Know first of all what it is you wish your best window dressings to deliver for you and your home in terms of light control, privacy, energy saving and design. Once you know what it is you are trying to achieve then you can start to narrow down your ‘wish list’ of the best window dressings which can fulfil these criteria for you, and more. Your list of priorities may differ from room to room.

Read both your room and your windows to select the best window dressings

The function of the room you are looking to dress is a major influence on the best window dressings you ultimately choose. A waterproof and durable faux-wood option in the bathroom serves a vastly different purpose to a luxurious fabric choice in the dining room, for example. Think about the size and position of the windows too. You are looking for the product which is right for you and your home as a whole and for each individual room and window within it for the best window dressing choices.

Understand the products available – the features and the benefits of the best window dressings

Blinds, Shutters, Curtains and Awnings are hugely different window dressing products and within these categories, the full product portfolio of styles and materials which can be used to craft them on a bespoke basis is just as comprehensive. Roller Blinds can appear to be more functional, Roman Blinds more opulent, Venetian Blinds more timeless and Vertical Blinds more practical. Ask a custom blinds industry expert – Blind Technique – all the questions you may need to find the answers to help you decide which ones you consider to be the best window dressings for you.

Consider the materials which are crafted to make the best window dressings

The material you choose doesn’t just affect the finished aesthetic. If you select a technical fabric they can offer energy saving benefits too. Wood, faux-wood and aluminium are often seen as  timeless and elegant choices and can be easier to keep dust-free, too which is perfect for busy lifestyles – just wipe with a damp cloth. Fabric choices such as those in Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds, Vertical Blinds and made to measure Curtains may require them to be taken down and cleaned more regularly to keep them looking smart as they can absorb more dust and dirt over time.

Think about the best window dressings as a whole once installed

The best window dressings are easy to operate, maintain and enjoy. Crafting the best window dressings from your preferred product type, material and style is just part of the equation. Consider how you would like to operate them – manually or via motorisation or even linked to your smart home automation system. Choose the best window dressings which offer you all of the benefits you set out to achieve and then to keep delivering on those benefits once installed – for years to come.

For friendly, professional advice on the best window dressings

Let a professional sales advisor from Blind Technique help you step by step through your customer journey to purchasing the best window dressings to suit. Book a FREE Home Appointment at a date and time convenient for you so a member of the team can visit you and see your windows through your eyes to assess more accurately what it is you really need. Receive FREE and no obligation quotations there and then, too.

Here at Blind Technique, we believe the best window dressings are custom blinds like the ones we bespoke manufacture for our many happy customers.

Contact us today for the Blind Technique way to achieving the best window dressings on each and every order – every time.