How to Manage a Home Renovation

how to manage a home renovation

Autumn is on the way and you may be spending more time at home so it’s the perfect time to discover how to manage a home renovation. The secrets to a successful home renovation lie in the meticulous planning, the attention to detail, the absolute commitment to the project, the extensive research and the teamwork you encourage as you undertake to reduce, eliminate or mitigate risk when it comes to the return on your precious time and money.

Here are Blind Technique’s top tips on how to manage a home renovation.

Planning how to manage a home renovation

If your home is already habitable, then take all the time you need to plan every stage of your home renovation – room by room, feature by feature. Think design, structure, finishes, install, operation, and maintenance in every aspect of your new scheme as you find out how to manage a home renovation. Plan week by week, month by month, quarter by quarter and annually depending on the size of your build. Make sure that you have investigated and obtained all the necessary planning permissions and permits from your local council, as they are relevant to your individual project. Address any objections as they arise in consultation with your assembled team of professionals as fully as you can.


Your budget is key when working out just how to manage a home renovation. In an echo to our recent blog How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget – Blind Technique maybe view your funds on a sliding scale. Think free, second-hand, sales, retail price and then investment depending on how important the piece is within your design. Consider a buffer amount you can comfortably set aside, in the event of an unexpected overspend. Take the lead on completing all your specification documents in full and in open consultation with your professionals, making all the decisions ahead of time to save costly delays once your home renovation gets underway on site.


Once your scheme is clear in your mind, commit to assembling the best professional team you can afford. Check all recommendations and references, visit potential contractors’ completed sites and projects and ask all the questions you need from other clients and customers. A home renovation can generate surprises in terms of what you may find in the property as work starts, so ensure you have no surprises in the quality of the work, the price and the timescales you have negotiated and contracted to.


It can be said that there are two goals to achieve when learning how to manage a home renovation. The first one is to establish a home you wish to live in and the second is to add value to that home when it comes to re-sale. Design with your personal wishes in mind so you create a sanctuary for yourself but at the same time keep any prospective future purchasers in mind. Research the most versatile features of the home which appeal to buyers. Think classic, timeless, comfort and convenience. In terms of value for money, consider the most durable home furnishings you can when it comes to the final stage of home renovation – decoration. Custom blinds by Blind Technique can offer you an investment in a stunning design, a beautifully crafted structure, effortless operation, easy install and minimal maintenance.


Remember that your home renovation project could take a year or more to complete, depending on the scale of your plans. Communicate in a friendly and professional manner with your team at all times, visiting site regularly and answering questions fast and in full. Consider your neighbours when it comes to noise, dust, parking of commercial vehicles and the installation and removal of skips. It may be a good idea to visit them ahead of the start of the project to acknowledge and appreciate any inconvenience your home renovation may cause them, in the short term. It may also be a good idea to meet each member of your professional team in a venue to ensure everyone knows each other and their roles in the project and has their work contact details in case of need.  Teamwork really is the secret ingredient to finding out how to manage a home renovation.