How to Make Your Room Sleep Friendly in 3 Steps

How to make your room sleep friendly in 3 steps

Think about just three factors: light, heat and comfort. In the summer months – light heat and comfort can be the most challenging aspects to manage within a good sleep routine due to the season’s natural increase in temperature and humidity.

So, when discovering how to make your room sleep friendly, Blind Technique propose our ideas here in just 3 steps.


  • The very first step to finding out how to make your room sleep friendly is to proactively manage your lux (light) levels – as your mind and body need a nightly visual cue that the day is coming to an end and the next natural event will be to get ready for sleep.
  • Close your bedroom door routinely to improve the darkness in the room and for sound insulation purposes, plus privacy.
  • Invest in quality window dressings to ensure your room becomes as dark as possible once your blinds or curtains (or both) are drawn. Roller Blinds and/or Roman Blinds coupled with made to measure Curtains can be an excellent choice plus consider the use of dimout fabric to maximise light control.
  • Nightlights – use one to read before bed but sleep in total darkness if you can. For safety, use nightlights on the landing so you can see your way to the bathroom without turning on a main light.
  • An eye mask helps you awaken gently in response to a pleasing (and not irritating) alarm sound so as to minimise a spike in stress as soon as you rise.
  • Leave your phone alone al least one hour before bed as the blue light emitting from your small screen can disrupt your ability to fall asleep.


  • The summer months can make for many a warm, uncomfortable night plus the odd heatwave so ensure you are as cool as possible during the night so that you find out just how to make your room sleep friendly.
  • Think cool, breathable fabrics for your bedding made from natural fibres like cotton and linen.
  • Silk pillowcases can offer a luxurious note to your sleep and can wick moisture away from your face.
  • Cool your body before sleep with a winding down routine which could include a cool shower, a cool drink of water and even the use of your fridge to cool your pillowcase or your nightwear before use.
  • Hot water bottles can be filled with cold water too – just take the same care as you would with hot liquid to avoid the risk of discomfort.
  • Turn off all unnecessary gadgets at the power source to reduce the level of residual ambient heat in your bedroom at least an hour before you turn in.


  • Talking about comfort – think about the creation of draughts and the use of fans, as you need a cooling breeze to reduce your body temperature to aid restful sleep as you uncover how to make your room sleep friendly.
  • If you can open a bedroom window safely during the night, consider putting it on the latch for security.
  • Consider the use of a silent-operation fan on a bedside table, too.
  • Avoid caffeine before bed and try a light evening meal during the summer to take the pressure off your digestion before sleep.
  • Have a mental break from all your electronic devices to ensure your brain has time to relax before you rest for the night. If possible, house your PC/laptop in your home office, not your bedroom as you observe just how to make your room sleep friendly.
  • Maintain good sleep hygiene discipline by going to bed and rising at the same times every day – weekdays and weekends. Your circadian rhythm (your 24 cycle which responds to light and dark) needs optimisation so that regular, restful sleep becomes a natural habit – so one of the best ways to achieve this is to maintain a regular sleep schedule. 8 hours is often suggested as the optimal duration for a quality night’s sleep.

How to Make Your Room Sleep Friendly – consult your local blinds industry expert – Blind Technique