How to Make Your Room Look Bigger

How to Make Your Room Bigger

We all look for more space within our homes. In fact, this wish is often cited as a reason to move house. Yet, there are many ways you can discover just how to make your room look bigger without having to spend a fortune or feel its time to call in the estate agent. This week’s blog from Blind Technique offers suggestions for you to try as you discover how to make your room look bigger to create the space in which you can truly relax.

Clean and declutter

Nothing declares more to your family and friends that you know just how to make your room look bigger than a meticulous clean and declutter of the space in question. Sparkle and shine shows a room is loved, in use and welcoming to family, friends and visitors alike. Streamline the possessions in the room so you keep those you cherish on display and you place the ones you find most useful in easy reach, too.

Focus on flow

Now the room is clean and you have all that is essential to you within it, then you can look at how the room works for you. Make the room easy to enter and exit and easy to be in for any length of time by re-organising the furniture and all the other home furnishing items so that the design flows. Ensure doors open and close effortlessly, seating is placed where it makes sense socially, and perhaps a beautiful focal point is in pride of place.

Maximise light and upon reflection

Enable light to flood in with blinds and curtains drawn right back. Consider the curtain rail placement to be higher on the wall and running beyond the length of the window frame itself to give you those clean lines. Maintain clear window sills too to reflect more light from gloss paintwork. Regularly trim the foliage growing just outside your windows so it doesn’t block the light. Use mirrors strategically to reflect more light inwards and so offer you the illusion of a bigger room. Include a clean and sparkling ceiling and floor to add to the appeal.

Create a made to measure design statement

Sheers and Voiles can offer you light, transparent fabric to create a soft, romantic design statement without being bulky or absorbing the light yet still offering you the privacy you need. Create a window feature by layering lightweight voile panels behind a pair of made to measure curtains. Consider light colours and subtle patterns with a hint of iridescence to offer a sense of timeless style.

Perfect the balance of plain and pattern

Try blending plain colours in complimentary shades for the majority of pieces within the room with pattern reserved for your focal point such as your custom blinds. Smaller patterns offer the visual impression of a larger space. Coordinate your colour palette in similar hues which vary in gauged intensity to offer depth as well as you find out how to make your room look bigger. Think neutral and naturals in both colours and textures within your choices.

Choose furniture to be more blend than bold

Furniture in light colours, natural materials and even those made to be see-through such as glass or Perspex can help lift the room as you determine how to make your room look bigger. See the floor as much as possible with sofas and chairs which have legs and try a glass-topped coffee table, perhaps. Dual-purpose and compact furniture can create more of a sense of space.

Savvy storage

Floor to ceiling bookcases and fitted wardrobes plus a sweet nook of a home office with invisible shelving and perhaps doors or an unobtrusive folding screen can work with you effortlessly to create more ways you can realise how to make your room look bigger.

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