How to Look After Your Conservatory

How to Look After Your Conservatory

This valuable social space in the home requires regular attention – just like you would give to any other room or even your car or caravan. Knowing how to look after your conservatory means that you will be able to enjoy it for many years to come, hassle-free, by proactively maintaining each aspect of it.

Here is Blind Technique’s handy guide on how to look after your conservatory.


Your conservatory is designed to welcome the light so the first thing to do is to clean all the glass, removing all dirt, dust and debris to leave a smear-free, sparkling shine. Start with a simple hose-down with clean water (hosepipe bans, permitting!). Check for any damage which needs repair or replacement as you perfect just how to look after your conservatory.

  • The windows – when home, open your windows daily (if possible) and if not, ensure that the trickle vents are open in order to maintain good ventilation and guard against the onset of condensation.
  • The doors – Keep doors open as much as possible to create airflow and to regulate the temperature within the space. Inspect and clear the doorjambs of any dirt, dust and debris to ensure a snug fit when closed for light control, privacy, security and energy-saving benefits
  • The roof blinds – inspect and clear dust, dirt and debris and check for fabric damage or distortion. Look for signs of mould and/or any indications that any insects have taken up unwanted residence. Consider a combination of a feather duster, damp cloth or even your vacuum cleaner’s soft brush attachment on a low suction setting or a hairdryer on a cool setting to clear and clean, with great care.
  • The window blinds – easier to access and so consider cleaning and maintaining using a similar combination of tools as for roof blinds. If you do apply a little mild detergent in warm water on a sponge or cloth then make sure you extend them fully to allow them the opportunity to dry completely.


Spending time on the actual way everything works is a vital part of demonstrating how to look after your conservatory.

  • Manual – slowly and gently open and close every blind in your conservatory to check for any sticking, undue tension or distortion which needs further close and careful scrutiny
  • Motorisation – check every setting on your remote control and the connection to your home automation system (if you have one) to ensure it is still offering the smooth operation you require


When finding out how to look after your conservatory, don’t forget the actual structure of the space.

  • Guttering – schedule in regular inspections and clearing of any accumulated debris and leaves to maintain optimum drainage and guard against water ingress, the onset of condensation and over time, the development of mould. Consider the use of gutter guards as a preventative measure. Keep an eye on down-pipes for any signs of wear and tear such as cracks and any bulging indicating a blockage and clear all drainage slots to prevent overflow during periodic heavy rain showers.
  • Conservatory accessories – Clean your finials and cresting’s either through booking a professional conservatory roof cleaning service or by considering the use of a telescopic brush, some hot soapy water and a ladder. NB: Never risk your safety at any time. Remember to add an inspection of your lead flashing to your roof maintenance ‘to-do’ list.


When discovering how to look after your conservatory, the most important aspect is the security of it.

  • Door locks – check your keys work smoothly each time you turn them in the lock. Check your spare key too, so that if you need it, it works!
  • Window locks – systematically check each one regularly to ensure a smooth closure each and every time
  • Window stays – check for signs of wear and tear such as weather exposure which could lead to weakness and breaking of the stay and/or hinge

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