How to Ensure You Have Pet Friendly Blinds

Pet Friendly Blinds

One way to help manage the instincts of our beloved pets is to ensure we install pet friendly blinds at home. Our pets will always be life curious, protective and even territorial at times. Pet friendly blinds are all about meeting a two-fold practical priority – pet safety plus product resilience.

What are pet friendly blinds?

Pet friendly blinds manage the view outside from your pet’s perspective. If windows are at pet height, your best friend will naturally see and react to stimuli with enthusiasm and/or anxiety. With custom blinds you can select ones without cords, which do not snag or bend easily. With motorisation, your custom blinds can be opened and closed at times when your pet is asleep, for example.

Roller Blinds

This style of blind is easy to operate, especially with motorisation, removing any sidewinder controls like cords or chains. Roller Blinds offer a substantial canvas of wipe clean fabric without slats to get tangled up in. A blackout fabric could further reduce the visual impact of outside distractions for your pets.

Perfect-Fit Blinds

Perfect-Fit Blinds come in a colour coordinated frame, integrating seamlessly with your window without intrusion into the room.  They offer a no-drill, no-screw installation, without loose cords or controls. Less light gap around the blind once installed, improve dimout and privacy. You can remove them easily for cleaning by unclipping. Windowsills are obstruction-free. Perfect-Fit Blinds do not blow around when your windows are open – possibly irritating your pet.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds have longer vertical fabric slats or louvres, mostly free hanging – without chains at the bottom. They operate freely on their track when open or closed. When installed, louvres are at hand height, resting on the windowsill. They can be tempting for young children (or pets) to discover as they are in easy reach. On a daily basis you can operate Vertical Blinds, however, using a child safe wand.

Faux Wooden Venetian Blinds  

If your cat continues to climb, you need more robust custom blinds. Consider faux wooden blinds over aluminium or vinyl. With larger slats, your pet is less likely to force its way through to see outside. These specially designed composite equivalents to real wood are waterproof and easy clean. Offered at a slightly lower price point than real wood, so if you have to replace a slat as a result of an unplanned pet adventure – you can.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters as a panel of large horizontal slats or louvres, are set into their own frames.  Once fully open, they maximise light and air circulation. Once fully closed they maximise privacy, with precise angling possible – in between.  They are child and pet friendly by design. You operate them with just a tilt rod or choose full motorisation. There are no pull cords. They do not gather dust or pet hair like some fabric custom blinds do. They reduce ambient noise for happier pets.

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