How to Decorate Your Home Office

How To Decorate Your Home Office

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Find out how to decorate your home office, in palette and practical terms.

Ace your aesthetic

Work is busy and busy can get stressful – very easily and very fast.

  • Balance soothing, calming, natural colours like mint, ocean blue and slate grey with ones to help you concentrate too, such as accents of warm yellow
  • Colour ‘block’ or ‘zone’ your office space in a carefully managed transition to offer you visual boundaries for separate tasks – such as computer work, desk research and video calls

Are you sitting comfortably?

Your office chair is the centre of your home office, the whole ambience of the room.

  • Sit comfortably in a high-quality chair which supports you ergonomically (accommodating any individual mobility needs you may have) in an easy to maintain sedentary position

Bring nature in

Learning how to decorate your home office, can involve the addition of some low-maintenance plants to add interest, colour and relaxing vibes.

  • Try a statement Peace Lily, a row of mini potted Succulents, Lavender or a potted Citrus Tree in the corner of the room

Boundaries – built-in

Work-life balance is never more important than when you are working from home.

  • When discovering how to decorate your home office in the optimum way that works for you, ensure it can comfortably contain ALL your work/career-related materials. Only choose to re-purpose the spare bedroom if it really will meet your needs, for example
  • Avoid letting any work papers, books or IT equipment creep into any other area of the house. When you close your office door at the end of every working day – make sure you are then home

Focus, focus, focus

Consider the benefits of a beautiful new custom blind to deliver focus for you.

  • The large ‘blank canvas’ inherently part of the structural design of Roller Blinds offers an amazing space for you to add colour and/or pattern. They are easy to operate using either a sidewinder control, a spring loaded mechanism or the motorised option. They offer significant light, heat and privacy control plus computer screen glare reduction
  • Create a signature style from your choice of custom blinds, with accents of the same style echoing around the room creating maximum design impact

Light the way

A variety of lighting options to suit the task at hand and to create a professional mood when determining just how to decorate your home office.

  • Spotlights in the ceiling, a desk lamp for close work and uplighting options for a focal point, perhaps

Organise and schedule

Prepare your workday the night before so that you sleep well, wake rested and in control of the challenges ahead with your choice of visual aid.

  • Try a wipeable memo board, inspiration board (cork or magnetic), a daily planner, a monthly planner, a wall or desk calendar

Professional productivity is personal

When finding out how to decorate your home office know that it is the one workspace where you have free rein to create the perfect, bespoke and so individualised environment.

  • Decorate to reflect pops of your own personality. We spend so long working during our lives that we need to enjoy it – both the nature of the work and where we deliver it. Ideas include: an artwork wall, family photo gallery, helpful ‘work mantra’ set in lights on a feature wall

Secure your storage

Secure your office door during your video calls schedule so as to prevent an often comical ‘tiny human’ interruption or two!

  • Invest in all the shelving, filing and lockable cabinets you may need to protect your professional paperwork, at home

Talk tech

Plan and purchase all the I.T. equipment to maximise both your daily effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Think both hardware and software – research the best value for money investment options you or your company can afford. Connectivity plus comfort is key – don’t neglect your wrist supports and footrest choices

Contact your local custom blinds industry expert – Blind Technique

Ready to turn your ideas on how to decorate your home office into reality?