How to Decorate a Small Bathroom

How to Decorate a Small Bathroom

It is the smallest room in the house, but it can still make a big design impact when it comes to deciding just how to decorate a small bathroom.

Think strategic, smart and simple to deliver clean lines and maximise the impression of space. Put everything on double-duty – from your compact bath/shower enclosure to your shelving, walls and even your windows and doors. Make every fitting and fixture count.

Blind Technique’s guide on how to decorate a small bathroom

  1. Corner your cabinets – every inch of valuable space can be transformed into savvy storage as you discover how to decorate a small bathroom. Think corner shelving and cabinets for your alcoves. You may need to invest in made to measure furniture for a space with smaller workable dimensions.
  2. Enter with anticipation – the use of a sliding door in comparison with a hinged one creates interest and takes up much less opening/closing space. Creatively make a feature (and so entrance!) of this unusual door choice and surrounding wall space as you continue to find out how to decorate a small bathroom.
  3. Floor it – your floor just like your ceiling and your walls is your precious canvas here so give it the impression of an expanse of space. Try exactly the same tiles for your walls and for your floors.
  4. Go with glass – as well as opting for a compact shower cubicle/bath space try as much clear glassware as you can, for example with a shower screen instead of a curtain reflecting as much light as possible to make the room seem larger.
  5. If less is more, smaller is definitely bigger – consider the size of your wall tiles and not just the colour. Mosaic tiles can truly take centre stage as a strategic interior design feature. If you are really hoping to dazzle – try mirror tiles.
  6. In the zone – define the wall surrounding your washbasin, shower/bath enclosure and your WC as zones.  Think complimentary colours of paint/wallpaper to offer a sense of depth. Have shelving set within these zones so all you need is within easy reach, too. Convenience is key to enjoying your small bathroom and making it work for all family members, day to day.
  7. Mirror, mirror – mirrors need to offer you both feature and function. Ones with lighting and a set of different sizes across your small bathroom echoes the sense of spaciousness. Make a mirror wall – like you would do with a set of framed prints.
  8. Neutrals and naturals – when you decide how to decorate a small bathroom make it a relaxing sanctuary. Consider the use of a neutral palette of white, cream or pastel shades in varying intensities. Crisp, clean and refreshing. Enhance this aesthetic with the use of natural textures like wood, stone, cotton, marble, clay in your key home furnishings. Offer this little room a sense of the timeless and of tactile personal comfort.
  9. Walls with the wow factor – create a feature wall but not in the way you may first imagine. Hang shelving, towel rails, mirrors, lighting from a feature wall to maximise every inch of useful space over the sink, for example. Your walls need to be organised though to look ordered and not cluttered.
  10. Your ceiling is calling – think differently when it comes to positioning your design statement custom blinds. Maximise natural light with a sky lantern (if possible) or maybe two smaller ones. Try Pleated Blinds or Roller Blinds. Stay mindful of condensation, however, especially in a small bathroom. Ensure you visit a custom blinds industry expert who both understands the technical performance of fabric as much as the aesthetic and optimises the possibilities of both.

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