How to Declutter Your Bedroom Efficiently

how to declutter your bedroom

So, you have the perfect colour scheme, the right custom blinds but then you realise you don’t yet have the clean lines of a perfectly ordered bedroom – what should you do? There are plentiful ways you can discover how to declutter your bedroom. Let Blind Technique show you how.

Discover how to declutter your bedroom with dual-purpose furniture

If you are ready to refresh your bedroom furniture why not look for beds and occasional chairs or ottomans with built-in storage? Why not consider made to measure wardrobes? These choices can really help you find out just how to declutter your bedroom. If you have invested in bespoke window shutters or even the layered window look with both custom blinds and made to measure curtains, you certainly don’t want the design statement spoiled by the eye straying to all the clothes and books you may have untidied. Think how you can put as much day to day items away out of sight as you go.

Arrange all your necessary items in easy reach as you see how to declutter your bedroom

If you find yourself rushing every morning trying to find all that you need to get ready, why not group all your items together – around your dressing table for example. Use decorative baskets, boxes or trays to keep things you often use at the same time, together. Place your house keys on your bedside table so that you avoid that last minute panic before you leave the house, perhaps? By organising your possessions, you see what you need and when, discovering just how to declutter your bedroom at the same time.

Spring clean your belongings on a regular basis to help you find how to declutter your bedroom

When you are looking for custom blinds, bespoke window shutters, made to measure curtains or awnings for the home your perspective for the new can lend itself to reviewing what you already have, too. Consider culling items you have not used for a year – selling them if possible or giving them away to charity.

Think of the function of your bedroom

When thinking just how to declutter your bedroom spend some time thinking about the primary function of the room. Your bedroom is the room in the house where you relax and recover from the day and it is there to be quiet, calming and restful to promote sleep. Think about all the items in your bedroom currently which do not assist these aims. Your television? Your laptop? Your phone? Your work papers? All these things could be better situated in the lounge or in a home office, for example.

Invest in an extra 5 minutes every morning as a visual cue to how to declutter your bedroom

Sometimes clutter can occur just because we don’t spend time putting things away just after we have used them. Before you shut the door on your bedroom for the day, spend 5 minutes making the bed, pulling the curtains to the maximum to let the light in and closing all the drawers and cupboards – it will make a difference to the room and how you feel about your personal space. Sometimes discovering how to declutter your bedroom can start with simple, consistent steps.

Ask your local blinds industry expert at Blind Technique

We help many homeowners decide on a new home décor, refresh an existing colour palette or even create a new design statement for the home. We have been asked many questions concerning just how to declutter your bedroom so we are ready to assist you, too.