How to Create a Cosy Living Room in 5 Simple Steps

How to Create a Cosy Living Room

Spring is clearly on the way this month (20th March 2023) so cosy is still the mood many of us seek to create at home right now. Let’s explore just how to create a cosy living room in 5 simple steps. Cosy as a term is often defined as one meaning comfort and warmth but did you also know it can refer to creating an environment for relaxation? Read on to find out Blind Technique’s top tips.

Step One – warm it up in comfort

Cosy can be a feeling you foster when you know you are protected from inclement weather outside. So why not create a luxurious focal point to do just this with a layered window look? Choose Roller Blinds or Roman Blinds complimented by a set of made to measure Curtains which once drawn, offer you a clear demonstration of just how to create a cosy living room. Remember to compliment this layering effect by dressing hard floors with rugs to add accents to your chosen colour scheme.

Step Two – delight in textural details

Cosy is all about warmth. Once you have sourced your custom blinds to help you manage privacy, light and heat within the home, then consider your choice of home furnishings with the textures they offer, as a priority. Think velvet, wool, faux fur, felt, cotton and silk to imbue cosy whenever you sit down to relax. Texture adds another dimension to your chosen home décor scheme as the tactile nature of these fabrics often brings your chosen colour palette to life – whether in a plain or pattern design, helping you find out how to create a cosy living room. Don’t forget to update your statement sofa with a new throw and place a stylish basket at the side for a selection of blankets!

Step Three – welcome Spring inside

Spring can take its own good time to arrive every year, so welcome it inside earlier with an injection of much-needed natural greenery such as a Peace Lily or a set of mini potted succulents. Indoor plants can offer you a sense of new life in the springtime. Visit your garden for pine cones to add fresh scent. Don’t forget your mantelpiece. Create a showstopper of a garland from natural materials which will really showcase just how to create a cosy living room and at the same time truly denote the incoming spring season.

Step Four – take time to relax

When discovering just how to create a cosy living room, consider curating your space so it feels like somewhere to relax and recharge. Declutter – have a spring clean and consider purchasing a set of scented candles – think floral or citrus fruit aromas – energising and soothing at the same time. Music can also add to the cosy vibe – select relaxing tracks from your home automation system which can be timed to play when you usually enter the living room, say 7pm. Add a reading nook, if you have the space. Select the biggest, comfiest armchair you can find, open your favourite book, breathe deeply and enjoy the escape.

Step Five – upon reflection

Large mirrors, strategically placed, reflect the light and make the room seem bigger, more expansive which can be relaxing. A mirror gallery on one wall (of all different sizes of mirror), interspersed with a photo gallery can offer the perfect balance of personal touch and dramatic style when it comes to cosy. Subtle soft lighting is key to cosy ambience here, too. Go for spotlights in the ceiling or floor lamps located discreetly above your seating area and reading nook.

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