How to Choose the Right Window Blinds Colour

Here at Blind Technique, we often talk about the technical performance of our custom blinds but sometimes your journey to find the right window dressing for you and your home, starts with just how to choose the right window blinds colour. Design is just as important as the practical considerations of light control, privacy and energy-saving benefits so let’s outline some top tips in this week’s blog.

How to choose the window blinds colour – start with the room itself

In a kitchen you may be looking for a light colour to reflect a light and airy space and in a living room you may be looking for a deeper hue to denote a warm and inviting place to relax within the home. The lighter the colour the more light you will see through it so consider how all members of the household tend to use the room and at what times of the day. Rooms work best with a sense of space – so perhaps focus on a maximum of three colours in your chosen window blind to keep it as timeless as possible.

How to choose the window blinds colour – know what you would like to achieve design-wise

Are you seeking to enhance an existing home décor scheme or are you looking to create a new and bold design statement, instead? If you know that your new window blind will be the centrepiece of a complete re-decoration then you have free rein to build the rest of your chosen home furnishings within the room around it. You may wish to continue this new theme throughout the rest of the home too, creating a truly cohesive colour palette. Conversely you may wish to simply add a keynote colour which echoes your current style and just make the window blind pop on a complementary basis in view of all the other features of the room.

How to choose the window blinds colour – co-ordination is the key

If you are looking for a subtle nod to tie in with your current home furnishings and furniture pieces then perhaps photograph the room at the start of your search, so when you are looking at fabric sample books you can choose the right window blinds colour within the same set of tones or shades. The colour of your walls may play a bigger part in your decision-making process as you think as they will frame your chosen window blinds colour, once installed at height. Think complementary or contrasting but avoid clashing, at all costs.

How to choose the window blinds colour – remember that colour is a language all of its own

Colours – whether modern or traditional – can effortlessly evoke memories of nostalgia and associations with all sorts of things from the natural world to big business brand logos. How to choose the window blinds colour depends on whether you are purchasing a new window blind for a domestic or a commercial setting, too –  as you create the right ambiance for the room. Remember the importance of the finishing touches to your chosen custom blinds  – the frame, hardware and trim can really set off your choice.

Trust the custom blinds industry experts at Blind Technique

The beauty of purchasing custom window blinds is that you really have the most comprehensive set of colours, designs and styles to choose from here at Blind Technique. Visit our Eastcote Office, Workshop and Showroom location and/or book a FREE Home Appointment so you can see for yourself all the colours now available to you in your chosen window blind type. We often choose to decorate our homes to convey a story about ourselves and our tastes so why not give yourself the pleasure of being in receipt of the widest colour choice possible to discover just how to choose the window blinds colour which is right for you.

When thinking about how to choose the window blinds colour for your home – call Blind Technique.