How To Choose the Best Blackout Blinds for Nursery Rooms

Best Blackout Blinds for Nursery

When choosing the best blackout blinds for nursery, perhaps there is a guiding set of practical principles to consider first.

As we know, optimum new-born and infant sleep is based on a happy and healthy routine. It is one which helps them both to fall asleep with ease and to stay asleep during the night with minimum light disruption. Blackout Blinds essentially have another thicker layer/lining incorporated on the underside, making them perfect for nurseries.

Maintaining this ideal sleep schedule becomes more challenging during the autumn/winter season. Lighter, brighter mornings and cooler temperatures means early waking. On the high street or online there is a huge selection of the best blackout blinds for nursery. We need to navigate considerable choice when searching for the perfect balance between design and the delivery of the functional benefits every new parent requires.

Practical principles on how to choose the best blackout blinds for nursery

  • Look for Child-safe choices (blinds without cords)
  • Easy to install to minimise nap time disruption.
  • Effortless to operate (as silent as possible so the last bedtime story really is the last one)
  • Simple to wipe clean from childhood spills and sticky residues
  • Effective in creating total darkness/light blocking (using fabric with high level of dimout and even UV protection properties)
  • Cheerful and comforting, fun design for small children (look for a wide variety of nursery themes available)
  • Energy-saving and temperature control benefits (insulating for both a cool summer and a warm winter for the consistent quality of infant sleep routines)

The best blackout blinds for nursery with Blind Technique

  1. Roller Blinds – select motorisation for both child safety and easy daily use. The considerable fabric canvas delivers superior dimout and creates a perfect design space to feature a nursery theme or a fun character of your child’s choice. Consider a colour co-ordinated cassette for your custom blinds to minimise any light bleed from the top of the window.
  2. Roman Blinds – the key here is to have them installed outside the window recess so as to optimise the creation of total darkness, as much as possible. Again, this blinds type offers ample material to create a luxurious design.
  3. Plantation Shutters – a panel of large horizontal slats or louvres set into their own frames, Plantation Shutters truly maximise light control, total darkness and privacy levels. An effortlessly elegant, timeless and iconic design choice which doesn’t need to be updated when nursery favourites change over time.
  4. Blinds and Curtains – to guard against light bleed at the edges of your window, why not select the layered look with a co-ordinated design of a custom blind paired with a pair of hand drawn, made to measure curtains.

How Blind Technique can help you choose

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  • Book a FREE Home Appointment for surveying purposes. A friendly and professional sales advisor can visit you and see your design aspirations and your window dressing challenges through your eyes. This way we can secure the perfect fit, fabric and finish for your custom blinds.
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