The Best Blinds for Windows with Condensation

best blinds for windows with condensation

Condensation appears as the result of just the right combination of humidity and temperature causing water droplets to settle as opposed to disburse or evaporate. Managing air and moisture levels can be a commonplace and a problematic issue potentially arising within the home so you may be looking for the best blinds for windows with condensation.

Rest assured that it is possible to employ both practical and effective custom blinds to help you manage the current condensation situation you are facing, as you take professional advice on the right long-term solution which is best for you and your home. As an interim measure, you could purchase a dehumidifier to place in the affected room(s).

When choosing the best blinds for windows with condensation Blind Technique would encourage all our valued customers to be mindful of the following risk factors: air flow and circulation, ventilation, ease of cleaning, ease of operation, fitting options.

Blind Technique’s guide to the best blinds for windows with condensation

Venetian Blinds for built in durability by design

Here the choice of material is your key defence when choosing the best blinds for windows with condensation. Faux-wood venetian blinds are a sensible, affordable custom blind which is resistant to warping in a damp environment. These specially designed composite wood equivalents are waterproof. They are an easy to wipe clean sans fabric so they can effectively repel and not absorb any moisture present in the air. The unique construction of a venetian blind (the easy to operate slats) enables you to filter the light in the room precisely so you can actively manage air temperature and air circulation with the windows open, too.

Roller Blinds for high-performance fabric

If you are looking for the best blinds for windows with condensation where the key concern is functionality above all other features then look no further than roller blinds. High-performance fabric, which is moisture resistant can be a good choice. Look for breathable fabrics with more of an open weave. Their ease of operation makes them a reliable option so you can manage both air temperature and air circulation fast if needs be.

Plantation Shutters for a subtle nod to moisture management 

When selecting the best blinds for windows with condensation you may be looking to purchase a more discreet solution when choosing your preferred custom blinds. Consider the vinyl version of plantation shutters as these are inherently much more lightweight with a much faster lead time on bespoke manufacture (made to survey) than wooden window shutters. They manage humidity well and come with an amazing 25 year guarantee. They could offer not just a subtle nod to moisture management, but still exude premium design value, affordably.

Vertical Blinds to control your humidity levels in style

Just like venetian blinds, vertical blinds excel at offering you the ability to filter exactly the amount of light you are looking for with their easily adjustable louvres (slats) to naturally helps you manage the room temperature offering more control over your humidity levels. Vertical blinds can also be customised with high performance fabrics to help you repel and/or disburse moisture rather than absorb it and so maintain crucial air circulation within the affected room, at home.

Blind Technique’s wider considerations on the best blinds for windows with condensation

As ever, your window dressings choice represents only half of the answer when it comes to purchasing the best blinds for windows with condensation. Consider an exact fit over a recess fit to install the blind with as much space as practically possible between it and the window glass. Maximise air circulation and avoid trapping air between the blind and the glass.

Committing to a daily visual check of all your custom blinds is another key habit to adopt when managing condensation at home. Being quick to act to wipe clean where necessary, raise your blinds to their full open height daily and open as many windows as possible during the day on a regular basis (perhaps on rotation) are also our top tips which you may wish to try.

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