5 Ways to Fill Space in Your Living Room

fill space in the living room

If you are lucky enough to have a large living room – congratulations! Let’s discover together 5 ways to fill space in your living room in this week’s blog from Blind Technique.

Fill space in the living room – an approach

  • Always fill space in the living room with purpose.
  • Enable your living room to flow naturally.
  • Always aim to maximise enjoyment of the space. You could zone your living room if the space you are looking to fill is substantial.
  • Room dividers, if used, don’t need to be a permanent, obtrusive structure – try a large bookcase (open on both sides) or an L-shaped sofa in neutral colours, perhaps.
  • Always consider effortless daily usage for all household members (and visitors) when trying to fill space in the living room.
  • Allow for tastes to change so consider how you can update easily and cost effectively, when they do
  • Top tip – when we fill space in the living room never create clutter – consider this space to be where you just instantly relax and feel right at home.

First way to fill space in the living room

Make a statement – if a large living room feels cold and unloved, one way to remedy this fast is through your choice of home furnishings. Start with your window dressings. Try layering – Roman Blinds or Roller Blinds teamed with made to measure Curtains for a luxurious design statement of your dreams. Continue the theme with accents of the colour palette you select on a statement wall or within your curated artwork choices. Unify your design throughout but take inspiration from your very own custom blinds.

Second way to fill space in the living room

Natural impact – large plants are best suited to being placed in otherwise redundant areas of the living room. Subtlety in terms of uplighting solutions or spotlights on your botanical treasures could increase the sense that you can fill space in the living room with ease – only adding to the sanctuary aesthetic you are trying to create. Always ensure your plants do not get too hot and so dry out, spoiling the effect.

Third way to fill space in the living room

Light the way – beautifully designed lighting can also create a statement of their very own – easily contributing to your plan to fill space in the living room without adding unattractive clutter. Mix up your lighting scheme with a selection of wall lights (soft uplighters), spotlights, floor lamps, table lamps and task lighting. Lighting choices can offer natural room division  – filling the space with a sense of zoning without adding too much in terms of physical furniture items.

Fourth way to fill space in the living room

Express yourself – let your creative juices flow and explore a pop of personality with your very own carefully curated art gallery on a feature wall in the living room. Complement your chosen interior design scheme with a range of family and/or travel photographs. You could also consider displaying a selection of your favourite art purchased over the years from artists you love. There is no better way to fill space in the living room by placing what is meaningful to you, your family and your friends at the very centre of this valuable social space.

Fifth way to fill space in the living room

Cosy corners abound – if you find you have significant space in one area of the room why not invest in creating a cosy corner for yourself and your hobbies? Install a book nook, an art space or a crafting zone for example. Fill space in the living room by accommodating all the things you love to do either by yourself or with family which you simply don’t have space for, in your bedroom. Beautiful home furnishings which you can switch-up every season can easily lend a sense of identity to this designated area.

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