5 Hallway Designs for Small Houses

Hallway Designs for Small Houses

Hallway Designs for small houses balance more than just aesthetic and function. The focus is on the very first impression. Create the all-important signature welcome for friends, family and visitors, today.

Here are 5 hallway designs for small houses in this week’s blog from Blind Technique. We have ways to wow which can work for you and your home.

Modern & Contemporary – simplicity in your key pieces

  • A slimline console table/phone table or shoe rack with seat
  • A corner stool for putting on or taking off shoes
  • Clean lines and a trio of colours to create accents – try white, slate and blue
  • A feature wall to enhance the impact of your hall window with Plantation Shutters. They free up wall space as they sit within their own frame
  • Don’t forget your floors –wooden floors can really add warmth, complimented by an understated runner
  • A strategically placed mirror or three (large, medium and small) creates the illusion of space and reflects more light

Traditional Farmhouse/Country Kitchen – a busy family home’s cosy welcome

  • Consider fabric blinds such Roman Blinds as your design statement
  • Prioritise double duty on all your storage items so think multi-functional as well as cosy for coat racks and welly boot stands
  • A handy shelf above a set of hooks is an easy win to maximise every inch of space
  • Soften the space with a comfy chair and cushions to create a cute ‘book nook’
  • Try an art gallery or family portraits for welcome storytelling of your home
  • Use the space under the stairs – transform the storage potential here into individual drawers for wet-weather gear for all the family

Holiday Home from Home – destination memories are right here

  • Think of the colours which remind you of a great holiday so try a graduated intensity in this room. Vertical Blinds are a versatile yet subtle choice of window dressing to add to the design statement
  • A feature wall can transform into a signature art piece evoking the country you visited. Try a set of small postcards
  • Holidays are all about organisation so try a set of small, traditional suitcases to add to the theme
  • Arrange your signature souvenirs in pride of place to make you smile with a shelf just for this purpose over your front door
  • Lighting is a powerful way to transform hallway designs for small houses – shine an unobtrusive wall spotlight or two on your holiday photo gallery. Tape a section of the wall to create a chalkboard (with chalkboard paint) for shopping lists and holiday wish-lists!
  • Don’t forget the music – add a radio to the shelf to play your holiday favourites

Horticulture Heaven – a true gardener’s welcome

  • Hallway designs for small houses often incorporate the living world as it is a room of transition from the outside to the inside. Decorate your room with floating corner shelving for floral bouquets or scented plant pots. Try jasmine, honeysuckle, lavender, roses
  • Hallways can be the scene of much rush so try a calming colour scheme with a set of greens, slates, stone with wood and other natural textures like wool and linen
  • Add to the natural design with patterned Roller Blinds
  • Keep your stairs in natural wood with an accent colour in the addition of a stair runner
  • Wall panelling (halfway) and painted in a calming colour add to the illusion of space
  • Create a mini-office area to act as your home HQ

Retro/Vintage – for design rebels just behind the door

  • Choose key pieces which are striking design statements (think angular and round) and all sorts of sizes
  • Venetian Blinds can add to the retro/vintage feel in hallway designs for small houses
  • Try a hanging light – maybe even a small chandelier as your statement piece
  • For storage create a bespoke bookcase, choose a sleek narrow sideboard or truly go back in time with a telephone table
  • In this design pick one pattern with purpose
  • For seating incorporate an antique bench

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