5 Easy Tips for Adding Character to a Living Room

INTU Venetian Blinds - Living Room

When adding character to a living room, define what we mean by this. The National Design Academy references an interior with character as one which often displays objects and collections, for example.

Character – a holistic view

Adding character can really mean adding a purposeful pop of individual personality. Adding character to a living room can vary in terms of design statement impact – subtle to striking. Make it work in terms of the aesthetic, function, ergonomics and enjoyment of the space. Always create a relaxing sanctuary. A space effortlessly yours is how you succeed when adding character to a living room.

This week’s blog from Blind Technique offers 5 easy tips for adding character to a living room.

Adding character to a living room – take on a trend

  • Character resonates most effectively when others can relate to it easily. Are you passionate about Minimalism, Retro or Vintage interior design styles, for example? How can you best demonstrate your own take on your tastes?
  • Character is all about how we bring something to life, make it tangible to reach out and touch it to understand. Think texture, colour, pattern. Try soft furnishings including custom blinds
  • Depending on where you are on your personal design barometer – subtle to striking – this will influence your choices. Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds and made to measure Curtains offer ample space within the fabric to confidently express either a low-key accent or an impactful statement.

Adding character to a living room – take on a theme

  • Your living room can be where you share something meaningful about you. You could be a hobbyist interested in amateur photography so you could turn one wall/cosy corner into your studio. If you’re an avid reader create the feel of a mini ‘home library’ with the comfiest chairs and spot-on task lighting. Craft your own branded set of library cards, too!
  • Add in nature as character with sole usage of natural fibres for all your furniture and soft-furnishing favourites. Embrace the greenery with signature house plants. Vary size and species plus position them across the living room.
  • If you are a film-buff add in the big screen and kit-out your living room as the perfect home cinema experience. VIP ropes at the door, optional.

Adding character to a living room – focus on features

  • Work with the architectural features you already have when adding character to a living room. If you have a bay window with built-in window seat create the book nook of your dreams. Consider Plantation Shutters or try the Layered Window look (Roller Blinds or Roman Blinds with made to measure Curtains) to dress your bay.
  • If you have sliding doors or a skylight make the most of them with Allusion Blinds or Velux Blinds: Pleated, Venetian, Roller styles, respectively.
  • If you have high ceilings and period features try motorised Plantation Shutters for both ease and elegance.

Adding character to a living room – curate your collection

  • Art with heart – your family photos could be curated to form a floor to ceiling display on a feature wall painted with your choice of background colour.
  • Make your hobby your hero – share all that you know with a visual homage to your favourite artist, author or actor. Let the craft your enjoy take centre stage.
  • Get your collection ready for inspection – select your best pieces to be on show. If you have a substantial volume of them, rotate with the seasons or chosen theme

Adding character to a living room – let the light in

  • From ceiling chandeliers to subtle spotlights and precise task lighting lamps – adding character to a living room is best set off by the highest quality lighting.
  • Choose lighting options in-line with your style. Flex your thinking from classic to quirky, traditional to modern, bold colours to pastel hues.
  • Natural light flooding in from your windows is your best asset when adding character to a living room.

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