5 Calming Bedroom Colour Schemes

calming bedroom colour schemes

Our bedroom is our sanctuary. It is where we retire to each evening to calmly contemplate the day. Blind Technique introduces 5 calming bedroom colour schemes this week, for you to consider how you can refresh and recharge within this most precious and private space within the home. The thoughtful use of colour can provide helpful sensory memory, adding to its aesthetic appeal in interior design.


As our first choice of calming bedroom colour schemes – it is evocative of the sea. The colour blue is the colour of both water and the sky at their most tranquil and abundant. From pastel blue to deepest navy, calm yourself with memories of the shoreline, gentle waves and the still ocean. One way to set the tone in calming bedroom colour schemes such as this, is to install a custom blind acting as a focal point for your attention as you enter the room. Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds and/or made to measure Curtains can offer you ample fabric to create the calming effect as the signature home furnishing piece here. Incorporate a few accents to deepen this effect with other key pieces such as the headboard, the duvet cover or throw, the bedroom chair and the cushions, for example.


If blue is the colour of water then green is surely the colour of nature. We know that spending our leisure time in the countryside is a soothing way to reduce stress so why not bring this colour home, too? Complimentary greens in florals and foliage in colours and patterns in your custom blinds and curtains can offer you echoes of rolling hills and meadows and memories of long walks with loved ones, away from it all. From soft green to brilliant emerald, the choice is yours to help create your own natural oasis in your bedroom. Green is also associated with spring – the annual season of renewal and restoration, a perfect wellbeing tonic as you naturally view it when you wake from a truly restful night’s sleep.


Grey can be viewed as a classic and timeless choice of colour when we talk about calming bedroom colour schemes. Grey often takes centre stage as an understated and subtle design choice when paired with other striking yet complimentary colours, patterns and textures. Grey is often seen as sophisticated hence the popularity of grey suits and coats throughout the year. Grey can act as the perfect backdrop to display embellishment when it comes to choosing your custom blinds, think an accent of iridescent trim to make your chosen window dressings pop. Grey with a hint of shimmer or sparkle can also evoke memories of deep winter which can be both calming and cosy.


Lavender as the name of the colour instantly references the name of the plant, the essential oil of which is a popular ingredient in calming products you can buy to help you sleep. Lavender fields are well-loved places to walk through on holiday to gather your thoughts for the colour as much as the smell of this beautiful herb. A serene, soothing choice, lavender is the very essence of what it is we think about when calming bedroom colour schemes come to mind. As lavender is renowned to have a calming effect, it is often associated with healing. A perfect choice as one of our suggested calming bedroom colour schemes.


Consider neutrals as the blank canvas for your choice of calming bedroom colour schemes where you can add your own complimentary signature pieces and pops of personality to the room. Neutrals highlight the material itself such as cottons or linens. Neutrals can be a very modern choice. Add individuality with layers of texture, pattern and weights of the fabrics you select. A custom blind can be the perfect way to express such a subtle but stunning design statement within your bedroom.

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