Window Blinds:
Child Safety Devices

Blinds Safety wall mounted cleat for looped cords Looped cords wall mounted cleat Metal looped cord wall mounted cleat
Wall mounted looped cord cleat Wall mounted looped cord cleat Wall mounted looped cord cleat
Non looped cords cleat Non looped cords cleat venetian blind blinds safety warning tag
Non-looped cords cleat Non-looped cords cleat Warning Information Tag
Venetian blinds looped cords cleats blind chain breakaway safety device roman blind built in safety device
Vertical Blinds Control cleats Breakaway Connector for looped chain cord Roman blind built in breakaway safety device
Vertical Blind control wand    
Vertical Blind wand control    

  • Wall Mounted Cleat - Looped Cords. The wall mounted cleat is a device that secures any looped chain to the wall, keeping the control cord under light tension. This prevents the control cord from being pulled away from the wall, and being wrapped around anything. As well as being primarily a safety device, this unobtrusive addition also keeps the controls neat and tidy and prevents them getting tangled.
  • Wall Mounted Cleat - Non-Looped Cords. Where you have cords for free hanging blinds such as a venetian blind or a pleated blind, and the cords are pulled in a non looped fashion to open and close the blind, this figure of 8 cleat will keep the loose cords tidy and out of the way.
  • Warning Information. Each blind with looped control cords or other potentially dangerous cords, will be fitted with a warning tag highlighting the safety precautions and risks.
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