Conservatory Blinds Harrow

Here are some perfect fit blinds that Blind Technique has manufactured for an Edwardian conservatory in Harrow, Middlesex. These 20mm pleated blinds with a perfect fit frame that requires no drilling or screwing were hand made in our factory just around the corner from Harrow.


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Conservatory Blinds Installed in Harrow perfect-fit pleated conservatory blinds in Harrow

Conservatory Blinds from Blind Technique

When you decide upon window blinds in your conservatory there really is no neater and better choice than our perfect-fit pleated blinds system. Neatly incorporated into their own individual frames, all of these 20mm fabrics look amazing. This customer has added warmth, privacy and style to their additional space. Not only are they very easy to install, in fact our fitter Jon was on site for under 2 hours to install the entire job, they can also be easily taken down for cleaning and there are no screws, holes or glue used....they simply snap into place and look as though they were meant to be part of the window. Using a simple yet effective sprung tension on the supporting cords means that you can position each blind independently anywhere between fully open and fully closed. There are no loose cords and no control rods or poles, you simply hand move these into the desired position.

Perfect Fit is now a well established system that has been tried and tested over the last few years and has increased in popularity for all the obvious reasons. We fully recommend both the venetian and the pleated perfect fit blinds for installation in your conservatory, as you see above, or equally on any suitable window frame throughout your home or place of work. Combine the wide choice of fabrics we have available with the versatility of this product and you have a top class product at a competitive price made bespoke for you. Find out a little bit more about the perfect-fit blinds system...

We are a family run blinds company very close to Harrow that specialises in everything to do with conservatory blinds, window blinds, awnings and plantation shutters. All our conservatory blinds are manufactured by our team in Eastcote, Middlesex, not far from Harrow. As we are so close, why not pop by and vist us at our showroom and manufacturing facility. Alternatively, we are always happy to arrange an appointment at your convenience where we can advise you and give you a FREE quote in the comfort of your own home. Don't worry, we are a small family business and we don't employ any pushy sales staff who sell hard or over stay their welcome. We work mostly on recommendations and as such pride ourselves in our friendly yet professional style. Please click here to contact us via a simple to fill out form, or call us today on 0208 866 6088, we look forward to speaking to you.

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