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All of our available shutter styles, except the 'automated light control', are available in a choice of 6 wooden materials, each one offering its own benefits. Depending on your budget and specifications we will be able explain the differences to you and provide you with a FREE quote for the design, bespoke manufacture and installation of the different styles and materials you are interested in. The 6 materials are:

  • Classic - entry level shutter - an extremely durable composite mdf wood available in 5 painted shades.
  • MarchWood - Hardwood panels with mdf frames provide a great all-rounder solution at great value. Available in 5 painted colours.
  • Vienna - extremely hard wearing, ideal for commercial installations - ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is very tough and stable and much tougher than pvc - now fully waterproof so recommended for more humid conditions for example in either bathrooms or kitchens.
  • Phoenix - a very lightweight bleached out hardwood with a lovely distinctive grain that is visible even when painted. Available in a range of stains and colours.
  • Grovewood - Manufactured from premium hard wood frames and panels. The grain is visible when stained in a choice of 2 shades, and gives a smooth effect when painted in a choice of 18 different neutral colours.
  • CedarWood - the top of our product range, manufactured from the stunning western red cedar tree. Light, durable, moisture resistant and extremely versatile, CedarWood is available in a stained, painted or unique oiled finish.

Shutter Louvre Widths

The louvre size is paramount to getting the best from your shutters. There are 5 choices including a solid panel shutter which can be split to give louvres above a midrail and solid panel below etc. The different slat widths are shown below each with a different stain or paint option.

plantation shutters with 47mm louvres 47mm

plantation shutters with 63mm louvres 63mm

plantation shutters with 89mm louvres and a hidden tilt rod 89mm

plantation shutters with 114mm louvres 114mm

Shutter Louvre Control

The tilt rod is the control that you use to open and close the shutter louvres and can be seen located centre on the 47mm, 63mm, 114mm examples above. This tilt rod can be off centred to either the left or right if so desired by customer choice or to avoid obstrction in the case of multi bi-fold panels. Where the tilt rod is off centred it is positioned at a distance of 25mm from the edge of the louvre on the hinged side. The 89mm louvre example above shows an example of a hidden tilt rod also known as Easitilt, and is availble on the 63mm, 89mm, & 114mm louvres. In this case by moving just one of the louvres they are all controlled, this is an option for all wood styles, and there is a plate at the back on one side which connects all the shutter louvres together. Additionally on the hardwood shutter, Grovewood, Cedar & Phoenix, there is a motorised remote control option. The individual panels each have a built-in motor allowing you to control panels individually or all together from the comfort of your armchair.

Whether you choose to visit us at our showroom in Eastcote, Middlesex (NW London) or you would like to contact us to arrange for one of our trained team to discuss your options either by phone or by visiting you, we are ready to help. Either way, we will have on hand examples and swatches of all the options to assist you in your decision.

Shutter Colours & Stains

All our shutters are given either 6 coats of paint or 7 coats of stain to achieve a tough, durable and sumptious finish. As well as a broad range of standard stains and colours, we are also able to match your shutters to many well known trade palettes. And if this vast range still doesn't provide you with the exact colour you require, we can custom match to almost any sample.

The finishing touches

Your shutters will give you a lifetime of satisfaction, add value to your property, increase perceived security, but most of all create an iconic design feature in your home that will give you pleasure for many years to come. Beware of cheaper shutters that will not meet your expectations; our shutters are crafted in a state of the art production facility using advanced engineering processes. This ensures that you, our customer, will receive a first class product. Each shutter is engineered to counteract the timber's natural tendency to twist, warp and distort providing you with a truly balanced shutter that will look as good in the future as it does today. Lastly, each shutter undergoes a rigorous final quality inspection.

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