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Love Shutters by Blind Technique


Why plantation shutters?

  • Great ventilation control- Moveable louvres allow for the desired airflow
  • Great light control - shutters allow you to block out direct sunlight whilst still letting light into the room.
  • Available in 6 different woods as well as the full range of configurations, louvre sizes and paint colours
  • Not only are they an iconic design feature with their contemporary style, they can also make your home more eco-friendly with their insulating attributes.
Let us guide you through the options?


How Do I get my plantation shutters?

  1. Book your free consultation appointment with one of our knowledgable and friendly advisors.
  2. Why not come and see our showroom yourself! You can see exactly the different options and configurations available!
  3. Place an order - once you do, your dedicated surveyor and installer will take all accurate measurements and survey everything effieciently and professionally - to be signed off by you.
  4. Your bespoke shutters are on order! We will contact you to arrange a provisional installation date.
  5. Your dedicated installer will come back to install your beautiful new shutters.
  6. Time for the finishing touches!
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Why choose Blind Technique?

Plantation shutters will give you many years of enjoyment, help with percieved security and can add value to your property. Alongside this, they will create an iconic design feature in your home.

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