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Shutters, Awnings and Blinds Maintenance Advice

Maintaining Pleated Blinds
To retain the crispness of the pleats on your blinds, one of the best blinds maintenance tips is regular bunching, which is compressing the blind in the open position. It is advised that this is done at least once every 14 days, ideally overnight.

Silicon for Pleated and Woodweave Blinds
To keep your roof blinds operating smoothly, we recommend periodic lubrication and cleaning of the support wires. This is best achieved by spraying a small amount of silicon onto a duster and then applying it to the cords and wires.

Your regular blinds maintenance will provide you with years of protection, comfort and pleasure. But, in order to achieve the best performance, suitable ventilation is essential.

Maintainance tips for your Shutters

Shutter panels are designed to be kept within their frames for a large majority of the time. Opening the panel doors is mainly for access and cleaning and they should not be left open for extended periods. Due to the weight of the panels, particularly bi-fold and larger panels, there may be some drop when the panel is opened. Therefore, they may need to be helped back into their original place by lifting slightly, but this is normal. Following our shutters and blinds maintenance tips will ensure your products stay in wonderful condition for as long as possible.

Maintainance tips for your Curtains

As you draw your curtains in the evening, give them a gentle shake to dislodge any dust from the fibres and to allow them to hang evenly. Allow gravity to iron out any folds or creases that have resulted from being tied or held back.

Maintainance tips for your Awnings

Unlike with blinds maintenance, our awnings are primarily designed to be used for solar shading and should not be left open or extended during heavy rainfall or during inclement and windy weather. The fabrics we use for our awnings are all treated with a special anti-mould coating, but repeatedly putting the awning away whilst still wet should be avoided. We also recommend keeping the awning as clean as possible from bird droppings and debris, such as leaves or twigs. Try to keep any trees pruned back and maintain clear, clean gutters to prevent this.

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