Facette® Shades Blinds

The Facette Shades is a patented design using Trevia CS fabric that allows you control both light and privacy. This innovative window blind features two layers of translucent and opaque horizontal striped fabric, available in 4mm,7mm & 14mm, that move across each other. Like a traditional roller blind, it can be operated fully up (open) or fully down (closed).

Facette Blinds from Luxaflex

Unique Benefit

This blind employs a similar idea to the Duo Vision blind, but with a narrower stripe and a more delicate design. Wherever the blind is positioned, you have the option of aligning the translucent fabric, creating a very stylish and fashionable striped effect from the translucent-opaque fabrics where you can see in or out and allow filtered light into the room. Alternatively, for more privacy, you can cross align the fabric opaque-opaque giving moreso the effect of a traditional roller blind.

With total control of light and privacy, these facette shade blinds will add a designer feel to any of the rooms in your home, particularly bathrooms. The blind is operated by a continual loop control side-winder which would need to be fitted with a child safety device as required. The top has the additional option of an aluminium or white slimline Luxafelx cassette, and the bottom bar allows the fabric to pass through it giving the unique light and privacy options.

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facette shade blinds in London Designer facette window shades from Luxaflex facette Shade blinds for your windows

A full range of fabrics and options, as well as a display Facette Shades blind is available in our factory showroom in Eastcote, Middlesex (NW London). If you prefer us to visit you at home with the fabric samples and options please fill in the contact us form or alternatively call us on 0800 678 3733.

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