Design-led Fabric Focus

We know the look and feel of your chosen blind is just as important as the technical performance of your chosen fabric. The right fabric can help you make a statement about your personal style within your home or indicate a seasonal change. The design which works for you acts as more than just an aesthetic, it tells a story about why it speaks to you and offers you a moment to reflect upon your answer, in the comfort of your own home.

We also know that design trends and tastes change regularly so we thought we would share with you our own personal favourites from the 2019-2020 Louvolite fabric collection for window blinds for four popular styles.

Inspired by the view from my cosy window

Irrespective of the season, the natural world acts as style barometer for many of us. There is a perennial sense of reset, refresh, and renewal about prints reflecting the landscape outside which can inspire us, as we take in the view. To bring nature inside the home, to make the connection between your indoor and outdoor living space, why not consider your window blinds fabric to create this transition perfectly.

A bold aspiration to embrace a new personal statement

There are moments in our life when we seek to mark a significant change in personal style for ourselves. We may move house, for example, and so wish to design a brand-new home environment which supports new ways of thinking about the future we are building in this new property, at this crucial new beginning and direction in our lives. Your window blinds can easily convey this fearless message for you and to the world.

The modern theme

At other times of our lives or through the year we may wish to simplify our surroundings to focus on neutrals, clean lines, openness and even an absence of pattern. This look lends itself to rooms designed to encourage quiet concentration or reflection such as the home office where clutter is minimised and window treatments blend in rather than stand out as the priority is the balance between light and privacy.

Returning to the timeless elegance of the traditional look

When you are mindful of echoes of yesterday or nostalgic memories of a look you may have remembered in the living rooms and dining rooms of homes you have visited in years gone by, but one which still feels familiar and comforting, you may be drawn to the traditional. Window dressings within this theme are often pattern-led but can also evoke the colour of the classic materials associated with it such as cream, linen, and marble.

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