Coronasafe™ Fabrics

It is essential to make areas where people gather as safe as possible and protect against the spread of coronavirus. We are offering an additional layer of security with the introduction of CoronaSafeā„¢ treated Carnival and Carnival Blackout fabrics.

The unique formula offers proven protection eliminating 99% of coronavirus from the fabric's surface within an hour. An hour! A tremendous result when, according to the internationally recognised medical journal, The Lancet, cloth can retain the virus for up to 2 days.


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Where extra protection is needed, in hospitality, offices, care homes, healthcare sectors, schools, nurseries and in the home, use our CoronaSafeā„¢ window blinds. Available now in a wide range of colours as light filtering and blockout fabric, make Coronasafe Carnival and Carnival Blackout fabric your number one choice. Why would you use anything else?


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Coronasafe Fabrics for Roller blinds and Vertical Blinds


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