Louvolite Fabrics

This supplier also has a great range of pleated fabrics all of which are specifically designed. As a major International company, they bring us different fabric ranges with properties that will suit every style, taste, and practical solution. This range of fabrics comes from a British supplier that is committed to improving it's environmental performance whilst adhering to agreed standards in it's manufacturing processes. Find out more below about their:

  • Translucent
  • SPF™ - Solar Pearlised Finish
  • SPC® - Solar Protective Coating
  • ESP® - Energy & Solar Protection


As the entry level fabric from this supplier there are the advantages of gently filtering the light entering your room and also giving privacy from the outside. In terms of decoration, this fabric is available in a range of colours to suit most tastes. As there aren't any real solar or heat saving advantages per se, roof blinds in this fabric are not really suited to conservatories that are south facing and not as effective at controlling the temperature.

SPF™ Fabric

This fabric has a Solar Pearlised Finish, meaning that it is manufactured with additional light reflecting properties. This helps to soften the light, reduce any glare and will have a certain energy saving advantages. On an average home this could result in up to an 11% saving or around £95.*

SPC® Fabric

This fabric has a solar protective coating on the back meaning that it will reflect light and heat more effectively. This has the double advantage of preventing heat loss in the winter and reducing heat build up on warmer days. This energy advantage could total 12% or a £110 saving over a year in an average household.*

ESP® Fabric

At the top of the range is this blackout fabric, giving the best solar qualities and complete privacy. Choose this fabric if you have a south facing garden with a particular heat problem. A study has shown that this fabric can give an energy saving of 15% or £133/year on an standard family home.*

* Based on a single glazed, 3 bedroom detached property.

When choosing which sub-range is best suited for your conservatory blinds, Blind Technique are on hand to help you and give you advice based on experience. Some fabrics are anti-glare and useful if you have a very bright conservatory or if this room has a television or computer screen. Some are blackout fabrics which are best for energy saving and ultimate light control, and some are fire retardent. They are mostly available as pleated blinds though over half the range are also available as roller blinds with a few also as vertical blinds and cellular blinds. All fabrics are tested and the exact technical specifications for each are available.

Example of Energy Saving from a
Quartz Fabric

Louvolite U Values

Heat transmission through building materials can be calculated as:

Ht = U A dt
Ht = Heat transmission
U = Overall Heat Loss Coefficient for the material, the lower the better
A = Surface Area
dt = Difference in Temperature

The table above compares the U value for a window on it's own and for a window with a blind fitted, using a Louvolite Quartz fabric. This table is based on calculated figures though in this context simply aims to highlight the improvement in insulation that a blind can have. This insulation is obviously in addition to the primary function reflective properties that keep your conservatory cool in the summer.

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