Cleaning Awnings, Curtains and Blinds

Important - As with all of our products, operating may involve direct contact with the hardware or fabric. Having clean hands is important, particularly with light coloured products. Even just a small amount of dirt and grime on a regular basis in the same area can quickly build up to become noticeable on your awnings, curtains and blinds.

Tips On How To Clean Blinds, Curtains and Awnings

Cleaning Wooden Venetian Blinds

Use a damp cloth or duster to wipe down the slats from the centre outwards. An ostrich feather duster is also known to be effective.

Cleaning Other Venetian Blinds

You may have metal or faux-wood Venetian blinds instead of wooden ones. These can be placed into a bath or sink with warm soapy water, ensuring that you avoid bending or kinking any of the slats in the process. Our top tip on how to clean blinds is to take care and wash them gently. Slosh the soapy water from side to side and allow to soak, then remove the blinds and wipe the slats down with a soft, clean cloth.

Cleaning Roman Blinds

Most roman blinds can be removed for cleaning. Normally, the fabrics are hand-wash or dry clean only, but there are some which are machine washable so be sure to check the label beforehand. It is important that you take note as to how you dismantle the blinds so that you remember how to rebuild them after cleaning.

Cleaning Roller Blinds

Most roller blinds are easily cared for and can be cleaned with warm water and a soft hand wash detergent. Roller blind fabrics are typically treated to prevent any fraying at the edges, so this tends to add a certain stiffness which means that most are not machine washable. Most roller blinds can be unclipped from their brackets so that you can lie them flat when cleaning, which we would recommend so as not to damage or crease the fabric. Following our advice on how to clean blinds will ensure they’re kept in the best condition for as long as possible.

Cleaning Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are quite easy to keep clean, particularly from dust accumulation. The handiest thing about vertical blinds is that as each of the louvres are individual, so can be taken down separately for cleaning or replacement. Here at Blind Technique, we are able to replace individual louvres providing that the fabric is still in production. Alternatively, you can also replace all the louvres and keep the blind hardware, such as the handrail and mechanism, for a lower cost option. In terms of cleaning once the fabric has been taken down, follow the cleaning instructions for roller blinds.

Cleaning Fabric Curtains and Blinds

With it comes to how to clean blinds, most blinds can be cleaned with just warm water and a cloth. Making the water soapy by adding a small amount of washing up liquid can also help. However, this isn’t always the case and care must be taken. Be sure to check any labels or cleaning instructions before you begin, as some materials may be dry clean only or display adverse effects when wet, such as shrinkage or colour run. Curtains and blinds can also be cleaned using a handheld hoover and soft brush attachment, making sure that the suction isn’t too high. Always make sure that there aren’t any threads or lose adornments which could be sucked in and damaged.

Cleaning Conservatory Roof Blinds

One of the main problems with how to clean blinds, and in particular conservatory roof blinds, is that insects can get trapped in between your roof blinds and glazing panels. Insects can be removed by opening the blind next to the one which you are cleaning, then tap the face side of the blind you are cleaning as this will move the insect to one side. Then, lightly brush the insect off of the blind with a soft brush or duster. If you decide to use a hoover and attachment instead, then proceed with care, making sure there is not too much suction as you could crease of break the fabric. Never use chemicals to clean your blinds, soapy water will work just as well.

Cleaning Your Shutters

Shutters are quite easy to keep clean and maintain. The general rule of thumb is to follow similar tips on how to clean blinds. Regular dusting or wiping with a soft, damp cloth will have your shutters clean and in good condition for years. Whilst warm soapy water is advised, don’t get your shutters wet as the water can distort the natural product and avoid strong detergents as these can affect the paint.

Cleaning Your Awning

Awning fabric is difficult to clean, so the main aim should be on prevention and keeping them as clean as you can in the first place. The metal powder coated hardware, cassette and arms can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth and warm soapy water, but be careful not to let any excess water run into the mechanism as this can spoil the fabric. See our maintenance page for more information on looking after your awning.

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